The Washington Post interviews Satoshi Kon

by Weathermanon June 21, 2007
The Washignton Post has posted an interview with Paprika creator Satoshi Kon on their website. Kon discusses the genesis of the Paprika project and some of the major influences on his animation career.…061500492.html

ADV acquires "5cm Per Second: A Chain of Short Stories About Their Distance"

by Weathermanon June 21, 2007
ADV has confirmed that they have licensed 5cm Per Second: A Chain of Short Stories About Their Distance. 5cm is for the same creator as Voices of a Distant Star and A Place Promised in Our Early Days, Makoto Shinkai. Rather than the science fiction of his previous two efforts, 5cm will be a relationship […]

Tad Stones on "Hellboy: Blood and Iron" and Hellboy Animated’s Future

by Ed Liuon June 21, 2007
Comics2Film has interviewed Tad Stones about Hellboy: Blood and Iron, which was just released on DVD from Starz Home Entertainment. Stones discusses the genesis of some of the sequences in Blood and Iron and addresses the future of the Hellboy Animated franchise (specifically commenting on his most recent weblog entry) and what the future holds […]

Kevin Conroy on Being Batman

by Ed Liuon June 21, 2007
Newsarama’s Animated Shorts has interviewed actor Kevin Conroy, best known as the voice of Batman for nearly 15 years through Batman the Animated Series in 1992 through to Justice League Unlimited in 2006. Conroy reveals details behind his audition for the role, his opinions on the creative team and his fellow voice actors, and what […]

Toonzone Podcast Episode 9

by Eileen Cruzon June 21, 2007
David Burgess, John Hill and Jason Reisig, supervising animators at DreamWorks Animation, talk about characterizations, fur troubles, and animation in Over the Hedge, plus the new wave of \”cartoony\” cg cartoons and new projects such as Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda and Rex Havoc. On the next episode, TZ talks with Pixar animator and graphic […]

"Pinky & the Brain," "Animaniacs" : Nine More Discs of Maniacal Goodness

by on June 21, 2007
Well, this is it—the final volume of Pinky and the Brain. While this series has nowhere near the disc count of Animaniacs—more about which below—the content is just as good. Pinky and the Brain Vol. 3 rounds out their adventures with a set of four discs and a bonus featurette. Naturally, this last volume has […]

New "Speed Racer" Animated Series Coming to Nicktoons

by Ed Liuon June 20, 2007
Variety is reporting that Lionsgate will announce a new Speed Racer cartoon today. Nickelodeon’s cartoon network Nicktoons has committed to airing the first 26 episodes of the series. Current plans state that the cartoon will begin airing early next year in time for the live-action Speed Racer movie. The Animation Collective (Kappa Mikey) was named […]

"To Heart Vol. 1": There May Be "New Feelings," But Not in This Corpse

by on June 20, 2007
Akari and Hiroyuki have been the best of friends throughout their school years, but now they’re in high school. Akari seems to want more out of their relationship, but Hiroyuki tends to forget the romantic moments they’ve had in the past, and only sees Akari as a good friend. These two and their friends Shiho […]

"Xenosaga" Licensed By ADV Films

by SB20xxon June 19, 2007
ADV Films confirmed that they have Xenosaga, the 2005 sci-fi anime series based on the series of Playstation 2 games from Namco and Monolith Soft. The 12-episode series will be released over three volumes, and the first volume is expected to be released on 9/11/07. ]

Tokyopop Licenses 17 titles

by Weathermanon June 19, 2007
Tokyopop has confirmed that they have licensed a total of 38 manga, manhwa and OEL manga titles that were dug out on this past weekend by Rosetta Stone Cafe. Some on this list bellow are previously announced titles. All will debut in the first half of 2008. The titles include… Aria by Kozue Amano […]