"Looney Tunes Golden Collection" Vol. 5 Contents Announced

by SB20xxon August 6, 2007
As previously reported at Toon Zone, Looney Tunes Golden Collection has been announced for a 10/30/07 release. Here are the contents of the set: Disc 1: “Bugs and Daffy” -14 Carrot Rabbit – 1952 – Friz Freleng -Ali Baba Bunny*^ – 1957 – Chuck Jones -Buccaneer Bunny – 1948 – Friz Freleng -Bugs’ Bonnets – […]

Mongolian Chop Suey: "Beck" on Form

by on August 6, 2007
BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad is an odd beast: an anime ambiguity, a musical misfit, a punk peculiarity. It does come with a free plectrum, though. Looks like someone enjoys a little T-Shirt bootlegging.. If you pick up this DVD while looking for the standard anime manga attributes—over-the-top fights; large breasts; big explosions; big, big guns—you […]

Publisher’s Weekly Interviews Arina Tanemura

by Weathermanon August 4, 2007
Publisher’s Weekly has posted an interview they did with Arina Tanemura. She is the writer behind the manga for Full Moon o Shagashite, Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross and Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne. The interview can be found here,….html?nid=2789. [source:]

Bandai Entertainment Announces New October Titles Including "Zegapain"

by SB20xxon August 3, 2007
Four new titles, all set for a 10/2/07 release, have been announced by Bandai Entertainment: * .hack//Roots vol. 4: 100 min. – $24.98 * Galaxy Angel AA vol. 3: 75 min. – $24.98 * Rescue Me: Mave-chan: 30 min. – $9.98 * Zegapain vol. 1: 125 min. – $29.98 (regular); $39.98 (w/artbox) [Source: RightStuf ]

"Rozen Maiden" Vol. 1: Hello, Dolly!

by SB20xxon August 3, 2007
You can make any concept into an anime. Case in point: Rozen Maiden, which is all about dolls. Specifically, dolls dressed in fancy gothic/Victorian-style clothes, that can walk, talk, and battle each other. Battle, you say? Yes, a batch of these dolls frequently fight each other to win the Alice Game, which gives them supreme […]

"Smurfs" is Officially Coming to DVD

by Javeon August 2, 2007
On December 4, the first 19 episodes of the series, along with The Smurfs Springtime Special will hit the shelves with “The Smurfs: Season One, Volume One”. This 2-disc set will have a runtime of of 345 minutes and will have an initial price of $26.99. More details at

"Innocent Venus" Episode 1 Streaming at IGN

by SB20xxon August 2, 2007
The first dubbed episode of the sci-fi anime series Innocent Venus is now streaming at . It is available in low and high resolutions. The first volume of Innocent Venus will come to DVD on 8/21/07. [Source: ]

ADV Films Announces New October Titles Including "Welcome to the N.H.K."

by SB20xxon August 1, 2007
Welcome to the N.H.K., the comedy/drama anime series about a 22-year old hikikomori, makes its DVD debut on 10/2/07 for $29.98. It will contain the first four episodes. Pumpkin Scissors, a war story anime from AIC and Gonzo, also debuts in October. It will be released on 10/23/07 for $29.98 and will also contain the […]

"Gundam SEED Destiny" Vol. 8: Freedom Destroys Destroy

by on August 1, 2007
Gundam SEED Destiny got off to a great start, then stuttered a bit before getting back into the swing of things. Now, the series is starting to reach its peak. Previously, Athrun Zala had rejoined ZAFT when the war started up and was assigned to the Minerva, ZAFT’s most powerful ship, to fight alongside Shinn […]

"Gundam SEED Destiny" Vol. 7: Bring on the Destruction, Gundam!

by on August 1, 2007
With the Cosmic Era starting to get more and more chaotic, it’s only natural that new factions would show up to make things even crazier. It’s time for a Gundam series tradition: the mid-series shake-up! Previously on Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun had met up with Kira and Cagalli to ask them why they […]