Imax Patrons to Get Eyeful of "Dark Knight" Footage

by Maxie Zeuson December 7, 2007
Warner Bros. will give Imax audiences a six-minute preview of The Dark Knight on December 14 when I Am Legend debuts, Reuters reports. The first six minutes of the sequel to Batman Beyond show a team of robbers led by the Joker pulling off a bank heist.

"Ratatouille," "Happy Feet" Composers Get Grammy Nominations

by Maxie Zeuson December 7, 2007
Michael Giacchino and John Powell are two of the competitors for the Grammy for Best Score Soundtrack Album, and Prince will be competing for the Best Song Written for Motion Picture, Television, Or Other Visual Media Grammy. Giacchino got a nomination for his score for Pixar’s Ratatouille, while Powell and Prince received nominations for their […]

Lionsgate Inks Deal to Distribute "Bratz" DVDs

by Maxie Zeuson December 7, 2007
Lionsgate will be the sole U.S. distributor for the Bratz catalog of DVDs under a new deal with MGA Entertainment, VB reports. The deal covers two new Bratz animated DVDs, including Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales, slated for release in 2008.

"Ghost in the Shell": The Laughing Man Strikes Back

by Dukeon December 7, 2007
When the cult favorite Ghost in the Shell was being transformed into a television series based on the original manga, the creative staff split the series into two different types of episodes. “Stand Alone” episodes were self-contained stories that didn’t directly deal with the main plotline, while “Complex” episodes dealt with the overall storyline. The […]

"Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson December 6, 2007 reports that Shout! Factory is bringing the 1980s toon Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors on DVD in Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors: Volume 1. The show is about a young man named Jayce who is the leader of a group of humans called the Lighnting League as they search for Audric (Jayce’s father) to […]

Tor Books & Seven Seas Ink Joint Venture to Publish "Afro Samurai" Manga

by Ed Liuon December 6, 2007
A report in Publishers Weekly states that Tor Books will be entering the U.S. manga market through a joint venture with manga publisher Seven Seas Ink. The imprint will be publishing new and licensed titles, with the Afro Samurai manga by Takashi Okazaki coming from the new imprint in August 2008. (via Comics Reporter)

NRB Honors "Ratatouille," "Persepolis"

by Maxie Zeuson December 6, 2007
Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille has been named the best animated film of 2007 by the National Board of Review. The organization recognized Sony’s Persepolis with the Bvlgari Award for NBR Freedom of Expression. [Source: National Board of Review]

"The Jungle Book": A Bare (No, Absolute) Necessity

by Maxie Zeuson December 6, 2007
Almost any way you look at it, Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book (you can hardly call it “Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book“) was a pivotal film in the history of the Disney Studios. It was the last animated feature that Walt worked on personally, and one of the first to make extensive use of celebrity […]

Animated "Devil May Cry" Gets February 5 DVD Date

by Maxie Zeuson December 6, 2007
ADV Films will release the first volume of Devil May Cry: The Animated Series to DVD on February 5, the company announced today. It will retail for $26.96 DVD. The title’s release will coincide with Capcom’s release of a special Devil May Cry 4 Collector’s Edition, which will include both the new video game and […]

PR: ADV Announces "Devil May Cry: The Animated Series"

by Maxie Zeuson December 6, 2007
DVD Launch Corresponds With New Capcom Release Special Collectors Edition Includes Game & Anime North American Premiere of Anime, Video Game at New York Anime Festival HOUSTON, December 5, 2007 —ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of anime outside of Japan, is pleased to announce the anime event of 2008. Volume one of Devil May […]