"Lucy, Daughter of the Devil" Creator Interviewed

by Ed Liuon September 7, 2007
Loren Bouchard has been interviewed by Newsarama’s Animated Shorts about Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, a new series on Adult Swim that debuts this Sunday, September 9. Bouchard talks about the highly irreverent plot to the show, the nature of the title character, and the animation style for the show.

Warner Bros. Introduces T-Works Online Animation Environment

by Ed Liuon September 7, 2007
Warner Brothers has announced T-Works, a new online environment dedicated to all of the studio’s animated characters from Warner Bros. Animation, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and DC Comics. The site will let visitors watch classic cartoons online, play games, and create avatars to explore virtual worlds. The press release also notes that two new projects are […]

Live-Action Robotech Coming Soon to Big Screen

by on September 7, 2007
According to an article on Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros has picked up the rights to 80s anime series Robotech. The film is to be produced by Spider-Man lead Tobey Macguire’s company, Macguire Entertainment, with the possibility of Macguire also taking on the lead role (it is unknown if it would be the cartoon’s lead, Rick […]

Tezuka comes to iTunes.

by Weathermanon September 7, 2007
Tezuka Productions has released the english dubbed versions of the 1980 Astro Boy, the 10 episode Black Jack OVA and the 13 episode Phoenix series from 2004. They have also released several movies including Jungle Emperor Leo: The Moive and 8 of Mr. Tezuka’s experimental short films. All titles are available for purchase and download […]

FLCL…Soon in Novel Form

by Weathermanon September 7, 2007
Tokyopop has announced that their popular FLCL property will be turned into a three part novel starting in March of 2008. No word as to if the books will be following the anime plot, the manga plot or if they will have a plot entirely of their own. The books will be written by Yoji […]

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force" Vol. 5 DVD Announced

by SB20xxon September 7, 2007
The fifth DVD volume of Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be released on 12/4/07. It will contain 15 episodes, including an uncensored version of “Dickesode”. The MSRP will be $29.98. Stay tuned to Toon Zone for further announcements on this DVD, including special features. [Source: ]

PR: Warner Bros Entertainment to Unveil T-Works Online Experience in Spring 2008

by on September 6, 2007
(September 6, 2007 – Burbank, CA) – In spring 2008, Warner Bros. Entertainment will launch T-Works, a brand-new broad-appeal immersive animation experience which, for the first time ever, brings together all of the key characters from the Studio’s core animated properties in an expansive, rich online environment. The project was unveiled today by Barry Meyer, […]

4Kids Fall 2007 Schedule Announced

by on September 6, 2007
4Kids TV has announced their Fall 2007 schedule along with a new new name for it’s programming block, called “The Game Station.” The new schedule starts this Saturday, September 8, 2007 and is as follows: Winx Club – 8:00AM (September 8 to September 22, includes the series finale) The Adrenaline Project – 8:00AM (New series, […]

PR: 4Kids TV Announces Fall Line-up

by on September 6, 2007
New York, N.Y. (September 6, 2007) – Get your game face on! 4Kids TV is rolling out an all new look and an all new attitude when it unveils “The Game Station” on Saturday, September 8th. This is the sixth year that 4Kids Entertainment is programming the 4-hour Saturday morning kids block on Fox, and […]

"Tenchi Universe": Let The Good Times Roll On

by on September 6, 2007
Long, long ago, in the 1990’s, there was a series of OAVs (direct-to-video releases) starring a normal, if slightly wussy, male teenager whose new housemates turned out to be both female and extraterrestrial. The series, Tenchi Muyo! (translated as “No Need for Tenchi”), and was a big hit. It was so popular that it had […]