Viz to Offer "Bleach" for Downloading

by Weathermanon August 14, 2007
Viz media has secured the rights to to offer Bleach for official downloading starting on August 31st, 2007. Bleach will be available on the Direct2Drive and Totalvid services. The price will be set by the services. [source:]

"Captain N & the New Super Mario World" DVD Details

by SB20xxon August 13, 2007
More details concerning Captain N & the New Super Mario World‘s DVD release have been revealed. The 2-disc set will be released on 11/13/07 for $29.99, and runs 240 min. Special features are available but Shout! Factory hasn’t announced them yet. [Source: ]

4Kids Ent. Posts Loss for 2nd Quarter of 2007

by Weathermanon August 13, 2007
4Kids Entertainment has posted their fiscal results for the 2nd quater of 2007. The company posted a loss of 2.2 million for the quater and has posted a loss of 2.6 million for the year-to-date. This compares to a profit of 34 thousand for the same quarter last year and 1.6 million year-to-date last year. […]

Disney brings More DuckTales & TaleSpin to DVD

by Dan Collinson August 11, 2007 reports that Disney will release DuckTales: Volume 3 & TaleSpin: Volume 2 to DVD. DuckTales: Volume 3 will be a 3 disc set containing 24 episodes while TaleSpin: Volume 2 will contain 27 episodes on 3 DVDs. Both sets will be in stores on November 13th.

Tartakovsky On "Cage!" Comic For Marvel

by screw on headon August 10, 2007
Newsarama has an interview with Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter’s Laboratory and Samuari Jack, about his new four-issue Luke Cage mini-series for Marvel. Genndy talks about his interest in the character, what comics have influenced him, and his approach to the mini-series.

Marvel Misses Its Mark

by Weathermanon August 9, 2007
Despite posting strong sales gains compared to the previous year, Marvel missed its target for sales in their second quarter 2007 fiscals sales results. Despite posting a 111% increase in operating revenue to 56 million dollars and a 78.5% increase in net income to 29.1 million dollars. While licensed products and comic sales were strong, […]

"Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection" Volume 3 contents announced

by Dan Collinson August 8, 2007 has a list of episodes and bonus features for the Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection: Volume 3. Disc 1: A Mouse In the House (1947) Hatch Up Your Troubles (1949) Love That Pup (1949) (Tyke the Pup’s debut) Jerry’s Diary (1949) Tennis Chumps (1949) The Framed Cat (1950) His Mouse Friday (1951) The Duck […]

"Disgaea" Volume 3 Is Unsure What it Wants to Be

by on August 8, 2007
You know, there’s been a recent surge in RPG anime, from series based on such actual RPGs as Final Fantasy Unlimited, Star Ocean EX, and Tales of Symphonia, to RPG-ish series like Elemental Gelade. Now we have another entry in the market: Disgaea. In Disgaea, there are three worlds: Earth, Celestia (essentially Heaven), and the […]

The Complete "Dr. Katz" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson August 7, 2007 reports that Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist:The Complete Series will be out on November 20th. The box set will contain every episode on 13 discs, and a collectibe book with new Katz stories and artwork.

"Looney Tunes Golden Collection" Vol. 5 Contents Announced

by SB20xxon August 6, 2007
As previously reported at Toon Zone, Looney Tunes Golden Collection has been announced for a 10/30/07 release. Here are the contents of the set: Disc 1: “Bugs and Daffy” -14 Carrot Rabbit – 1952 – Friz Freleng -Ali Baba Bunny*^ – 1957 – Chuck Jones -Buccaneer Bunny – 1948 – Friz Freleng -Bugs’ Bonnets – […]