PR: Fox Home Entertainment Presents "Bender’s Big Score" on DVD Nov 27

by Ed Liuon November 9, 2007
Fox Home Entertainment Presents The Triumphant Return Of Fry, Leela, Professor Farnsworth And Bender On DVD November 27 Century City, CA – The future is back! The first new “Futurama” programming since 2003, Futurama: Bender’s Big Score features out-of-this-world hilarity on DVD November 27 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. As Xmas 3007 approaches, the […]

12 Movies Submitted for Best Animated Feature Oscar Nomination

by Matt Hazudaon November 8, 2007 is reporting that 12 movies have been submitted to be considered for a nomination for the “Best Animated Feature” award at the Oscars on January 22, 2008. The movies are as follows: Alvin and the Chipmunks Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Bee Movie Beowulf Meet the Robinsons Persepolis Ratatouille Shrek […]

Mel Smith on New "Gumby" Comics

by Ed Liuon November 8, 2007’s PULSE News has interviewed Mel Smith, chief of Wildcard Ink, about their new on-going Gumby comic book series. Smith discusses how the new series was started, how it connects to earlier Gumby comics and the original TV shorts, and the challenges that the comic has faced in getting to comic book shop stands.

PR: W!LDBRAIN Hires Bob Higgins to lead Entertainment Company’s Creative Efforts

by Matt Hazudaon November 8, 2007
BEVERLY HILLS, CA (November 5, 2007) — W!LDBRAIN, the award-winning entertainment company that develops and produces television programming, motion pictures, commercial content and licensed merchandise, announced today that Bob Higgins, who served as Senior Vice President, Programming and Development for Cartoon Network’s kids businesses, has joined W!LDBRAIN as Head of Creative. He will oversee the […]

PR: ‘South Park’ Conjures Up Record Ratings with the ‘Imaginationland’ Trilogy

by Matt Hazudaon November 8, 2007
NEW YORK, November 5, 2007 — “Star Wars,” “The Godfather,” “Indiana Jones.” Historic trilogies all, and now they have company. The exciting conclusion to “South Park’s” “Imaginationland” trilogy aired Wednesday, October 31 and drew almost 4 million total viewers, making it COMEDY CENTRAL’s most watched telecast of the year. Episode III of the trilogy, in […]

HobbyLink Japan To Take November Hiatus

by Grant Whiteon November 8, 2007
HobbyLink Japan, popular seller of Japanese anime model kits and collectables to the international market, is set to take a hiatus in November 2007. Company president Scott Hards states that the break is due to moving the entire company to a new specially built warehouse facility. The hiatus is estimated to last from 9th-19th.

"Fullmetal Alchemist" Season 1 Part 1: A Solid Chemistry

by Classic Speedyon November 7, 2007
Good things come to those who wait. A much overused quote, but perfectly appropriate for Fullmetal Alchemist: Season 1, Part 1. While it essentially just repackages the first four DVD volumes, it’s a great package with lots of content and takes up far less space than the volume 1 w/artbox. Plus, FMA just happens to […]

DVD Talk and Newsarama Interview "Ratatouille" Talent (UPDATED November 15, 2007)

by Ed Liuon November 7, 2007
DVD Talk has posted three articles covering the recent release of Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille on DVD: The Mouse and the Rat, which covers the appearance of Ratatouille director Brad Bird at the Blu-ray DVD release event. The article covers the difficulties in communicating the high-concept of the movie, what it was like to work with the […]

ADV Streams First Episode of Venus Versus Virus On Its Website

by Weathermanon November 7, 2007
ADV Films is streaming the entire first episode of the Venus Versus Virus supernatural adventure anime series on its website starting on November 6, 2007. The first DVD volume ships on November 13, and ADV’s television network, The Anime Network, will premiere the series on November 16 on its video-on-demand service. [Source: ADV Films]

"Devil May Cry 4" Collector’s Edition to Include 1st Disc of the Animated Series

by Weathermanon November 7, 2007
The collectors edition of the Devil May Cry 4 video game will include the first DVD of the Devil May Cry animated series. The series is a 4-volume set that is being produced and distributed by ADV in the USA. The collectors edition of the game will retail for $79.99. [source:]