Three New Guests Announced for NY Anime Festival

by Ed Liuon September 24, 2007
The New York Anime Festival has announced three new guests: online comics artist Chris Hazelton (Misfile and Building 12), web talk-show GeekNights, writer/illustrator Juno Blair B (Star Cross’d Destiny), artist Lindsey Henninger (ElvesAteMyRamen at, and comedian Uncle Yo. Read the press release here

NY Times on “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” Mash-up YouTube Videos

by Ed Liuon September 24, 2007
The New York Times covers the growing phenomenon of mash-up videos (free registration required), where individuals take clips from animated TV shows and movies and turn them into music videos. The Times notes a growing number of mash-ups of “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” by the rap artist Soulja Boy, including one that uses Disney’s Winnie […]

Four New Images from "The Batman" Season Premiere Part 2

by Ed Liuon September 24, 2007
Comic Book Resources has posted four new images from part 2 of The Batman‘s fifth season premiere. The episode will air on Saturday, September 29, at 11:30 AM (Eastern/Pacific).

PR: Webcomic, Artist, and Podcast Guests Announced at New York Anime Festival

by Ed Liuon September 24, 2007
WEBCOMIC, ARTIST, AND PODCAST GUESTS ANNOUNCED AT NYAF THE NEW YORK ANIME FESTIVAL REVEALS TALENTED ONLINE ARTISTS Norwalk, CT , September 24, 2007: The New York Anime Festival (NYAF) today announced prominent online artists and performers Chris Hazelton, GeekNights, Juno Blair B, Lindsey Henninger, and Uncle Yo will be featured at its inaugural event, December […]

ADV announces "Kanon"

by Weathermanon September 22, 2007 is reporting that ADv has annouced that they have licensed the Kanon television show for US distribution. No further plans for the property have been announced so far.

Viz Announces New January & February Titles Including "Naruto Set 6"

by SB20xxon September 21, 2007
Naruto gets its sixth box set on 2/12/08, which comes in both regular ($49.98) and special editions ($69.98). It runs 325 min. Pokemon Season 1 Set 3 will be released the same day for $39.98. Prince of Tennis is also getting another box set: Set 4 will be released on 1/15/08 for $39.98 and runs […]

Nickelodeon Pins Big Hopes on "Avatar"

by Ed Liuon September 21, 2007
According to an article on USA Today, Nickelodeon is beginning to ramp up its promotional efforts around its hit show Avatar the Last Airbender, hoping to tap into the growing appetite for fantasy action entertainment. The second season’s ratings were up 21% from the first, with an average of 2.9 million watching the show, and […]

Bandai Visual Announces Release Date For "MS IGLOO"

by Grant Whiteon September 21, 2007
Bandai Visual US have announced the intended DVD release date for Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO- The Hidden One Year War. Computer animated, the mini-series focuses on a Zeon team testing prototype mobile weapons in the timeframe of the original series. Set for release on 27th November 2007 and priced $49.99, the DVD will contain […]

"Go, Diego, Go!" Does a "Safari Rescue" on October 8, 2007

by Ed Liuon September 21, 2007
Nickelodeon will air a one-hour Go, Diego, Go! movie on Monday, October 8, 2007. Titled Safari Rescue, the movie will bring animal rescuer Diego to Africa, where he will team up with fellow animal adventurer Juma to save the elephants of the Serengeti plains from an evil spell. The movie will air at 9:30 – […]

"Edgar & Ellen" Prank Their Way onto Nicktoons Network Starting Oct 7, 2007

by Ed Liuon September 21, 2007
Edgar & Ellen will be debuting on the Nicktoons Network with two back-to-back episodes on Sunday, October 7, 2007, at 8:00 PM (Eastern). The title characters are a pair of twins who carry out a campaign of pranks on the residents of the town of Nod. Each episode also includes a two-minute segment inspired by […]