Alan Fine takes on new role at Marvel

by Weathermanon June 4, 2007
Alan Fine, currently the CEO for Marvel’s publishing and toy divisions, has taken on another role in the company as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Marvel Characters, Inc. Marvel Characters, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marvel dedicated to supporting and strengthening the Marvel brand name. Mr. Fine will be continuing on in his previous […]

NY Times on "Star Wars" Episode of "Robot Chicken"

by Ed Liuon June 4, 2007
The New York Times has gone behind the scenes of the upcoming Star Wars episode of Robot Chicken (registration required), which gathered a surprising amount of support from Lucasfilm and George Lucas himself. The article goes into how the creators’ appreciation of the Star Wars films and a Robot Chicken segment ultimately led to a […]

"Family Guy" Volume 5 Coming in September

by SB20xxon June 4, 2007
Family Guy‘s fifth volume, a 3-disc set, is expected on 9/18/07 for $39.98, and will contain the first 13 episodes of season 5, as well as the three-part version of Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story that aired on TV, which includes some scenes not available in the initial DVD release. Special features include commentaries on […]

A Note of Recognition For: Ren and Stimpy’s Music

by SB20xxon June 3, 2007
Music is, and always has been, a huge factor in entertainment. Imagine Jaws or Star Wars without their legendary John Williams scores; try telling the story of Casablanca with no “As Time Goes By”. This is even more true for animation, a medium that has been timed and sold along with its accompanying music for […]

Season 2 of Foster’s Coming to DVD (UPDATED)

by Dan Collinson June 3, 2007 announced that Season 2 of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends will be out on DVD. The 2 disc set contains 13 episodes, and introduces the popular character, “Cheese”. Bonus features include a music video calld “Cheesequest”, as well as exclusive Foster’s Promos. The DVD will be in store on September 11th. Updated June 3rd: […]

"Galaxy Angel X" and "S" Special Licensed By Bandai Entertainment

by SB20xxon June 2, 2007
Bandai Entertainment announced they have licensed Galaxy Angel X, the fourth series in the Galaxy Angel franchise, as well as Galaxy Angel S, a two-part TV special. This was announced at A-Kon. [Source: Anime News Network ]

Filmation’s "Ghostbusters": Volume 2 Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson June 1, 2007
BCI releases the remaining 33 episodes of Filmation’s Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters: Volume 2. The five disc set contains the remaining episodes, a documentary on Filmation Productions, commentaries, rare footage, and an episode from the Live-Action 70s series. The box set will be in stores on July 3rd. See the Press Release here. [Source: BCI]

PR: Filmation’s "Ghostbusters" Vol. 2

by Dan Collinson June 1, 2007
Evil Doesn’t Have A Ghost Of A Chance! NAVARRE‘S BCI ANNOUNCES VOLUME TWO OF THE BELOVED ANIMATED SERIES “Ghostbusters: Volume Two” Busting Out On July 3rd Los Angeles, CA – “Let’s Go, Ghostbusters!” On July 3rd, BCI, a Navarre Corporation Company, and media company and underlying rights owner, Entertainment Rights Plc (“ER”) will release on […]

PR: Justice League Unlimited to Premiere on Boomerang Sunday, June 3

by Ed Liuon June 1, 2007
Bigger and Bolder: Justice League Unlimited to Premiere on Boomerang Starting Sunday, June 3 Dozens of New Heroes Join Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in Series Based on Classic Justice League Comic In the high-action series Justice League Unlimited, the world’s greatest superheroes, led by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern, enlist some […]

Nickelodeon and Marriott team up for a new series of resorts

by Weathermanon June 1, 2007
Nickelodeon and Marriott Resorts have signed a partnership agreement, along with Miller Global Properties LLC, to bring the Nickelodeon name to a new series of hotel resorts worldwide. The new resorts will open starting in early 2010 in San Diego California and will be spreading out to major family vacation destinations worldwide. The centerpiece of […]