First Episode of ‘HARUKA’ Now Streaming Free Online

by Matt Hazudaon March 18, 2008
In a follow-up to our previous story, Bandai Visual USA announced that the first episode of HARUKA: Beyond the Stream of Time – A Tale of the Eight Guardians is available for online streaming to viewers in the US and Canada starting today. Fans can view the episode by going to http: Read the full […]

PR: HARUKA Episode 1 Streaming on

by Matt Hazudaon March 18, 2008
Torrance, Calif. March 18, 2008 –, the ecommerce site operated by Bandai Visual USA, announced today the details of their new streaming video service, which will offer fans a legal option to view a full episode of Bandai Visual USA titles. Starting on March 18, 2008, fans will be able to screen the first […]

PR: Nicktoons Network and Marvel Entertainment Bring Animated Iron Man, X-Men to TV

by Matt Hazudaon March 18, 2008
NEW YORK, March 18, 2008 – Nicktoons Network, Nickelodeon’s 24-hour animation channel, has joined forces with Marvel Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: MVL), to bring iconic heroes Wolverine and Iron Man from the page and big screen to television in two brand-new animated series, “Iron Man: The Animated Series” (a co-production with French based Method Films) and […]

Iron Man: The Animated Series, Wolverine and the X-Men to Premiere on Nicktoons in US

by Matt Hazudaon March 18, 2008
USA Today announced that upcoming Marvel animated series Iron Man: The Animated Series and Wolverine and the X-Men will both be debuting in the US on Nicktoons Network in early 2009. Both shows have been ordered for 26 half-hour episodes. Update: Nick has issued a press release for upcoming series, which can now be viewed […]

Aniboom and Adult Swim Launch Radiohead Animated Video Competition

by Matt Hazudaon March 18, 2008
Aniboom and TBD Records launched a contest yesterday iniviting all animators and Radiohead fans alike to create an animated music video for any of the songs on Radiohead’s In Rainbows album. The winner of the contest will $10,000 prize to produce a full-length animated music video. Adult Swim launched the on-air debut of the contest […]

‘Code Geass’ debuts on Adult Swim April 26, 2008

by Matt Hazudaon March 18, 2008
Bandai has announced that Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (pronounced “gee-S”)will begin airing on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block April 26, 2008. In addition, the show will be made available online at for viewing every Friday before the Saturday airing. Read the full press release.

PR: Code Geass to Premiere on Adult Swim April 26

by Matt Hazudaon March 18, 2008
March 17, 2008 (Cypress, Ca) – Bandai Entertainment Inc. announced today that the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (pronounced “gee-S”) will debut on Adult Swim April 26th at 1:30AM pacific. Prior to the premiere, and every subsequent week new episodes will be made available at on Friday nights prior to […]

I’m Not "Enchanted"

by Classic Speedyon March 17, 2008
I’ve often wondered how someone like Snow White would get along in the real world. When I heard about Enchanted, I was hoping to see my questions answered, and I was interested to see if Disney had the guts to mock their own stereotypical, squeaky-clean image. Unfortunately, Enchanted doesn’t really take advantage of the opportunity […]

"Appleseed Ex Machina" is Satsifying Sci-Fi Cheese

by Ed Liuon March 16, 2008
It’s no secret by now that computer graphics have changed the way animation is made, from the use of computer effects to enhance hand-drawn animation to the fully CGI-animated movies taking over the multiplexes. CGI has even spawned its own sub-genres, from the fully rendered movies of Pixar and DreamWorks to the Flash animators of […]

The Kennedy Center, Turning Japanese

by Weathermanon March 16, 2008
Every so often I get asked “What’s so great about living around DC?” Yeah, we have some of the worst traffic in the USA, way too many A++ political types, struggling sports teams, sports teams with screwball owners, one of the nation’s weirdest job markets, and sprawl to match LA. Well, the sports teams are […]