"Shuffle" Vol. 2: Still Unoriginal, But That’s Okay

by Classic Speedyon April 6, 2008
For those new to the Shuffle universe, let me quickly get you up to speed. It stars Rin, your typical high school guy, who is surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls who want him (and a couple of whom live with him as well). Sounds like your typical harem/dating sim premise? It is, and […]

"The Third: Girl With the Blue Eye" Vol. 5 Finally Starts Getting it Together

by Ed Liuon April 5, 2008
Volume 4 of The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye ended with a nice sense of closure, which inadvertently provided viewers with a perfect opportunity to stop watching. It would be understandable if some viewers seized that opportunity, considering that the show’s charms have often been counter-balanced, if not outweighed, by its flaws. However, […]

Anime Boston Hits Adolesence

by Weathermanon April 5, 2008
Every big convention has its growing pains. Otakon went through it from 2001-2004. I can distinctly remember some excruciatingly long lines for registration and main events that could take many hours to muddle through. Even smaller conventions can have logistical nightmares caused by bad circumstances, and some bad planning. Unfortunately, Anime Boston 2008 got hit […]

"Shin-Chan" New Episodes: Better Than a Good Poop

by Classic Speedyon April 4, 2008
Shin-Chan immediately became a favorite Adult Swim import of mine when it debuted in 2006. Its deceptively simple pretense to being a domestic comedy masked an ability to make great plots out of the most mundane activities, and while not everyone likes the “jokey” way FUNimation dubbed the series, I like much of the dialog, […]

"Oggy" Getting Christmas Special and New Lines of Goods

by Maxie Zeuson April 4, 2008
Oggy and the Cockroaches will get a DVD Christmas special courtesy of producer Xilam Animation and France Television Distribution, Variety reports. The announcement comes simultaneously with news (via AWN) of licensing deals struck by the producers with manufacturer Jemini for a line of Oggy-themed plushes and with Benjamin SA for a line of Oggy-related socks. […]

Cartoon Network Upfront 2008: Complete Coverage

by Ed Liuon April 4, 2008
George Lucas and Cartoon Network executives at its 2008 Upfront presentation. Toon Zone News is at the Cartoon Network Upfront 2008, and will be providing complete coverage of all the announcements and news there. Click individual article titles below to get more details about any of the stories: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Flies […]

"Tom and Jerry Tales": Big Mouse-take, or Utter Cat-astrophe?

by Maxie Zeuson April 4, 2008
How did they do it? How did Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera manage to take the barest of conceits—a cat and a mouse abusing each other—and spin it out for fifteen years, making dozens of brutally funny and beautiful shorts? After all, there isn’t often much to distinguish one Tom and Jerry cartoon from another. […]

SakuraCon 2008 Tokyopop Panel – Big On Bishonen

by Karl Olsonon April 3, 2008
Tokyopop came out with a pretty big group of folks: editors Lillian Diaz-Przybyl and Michelle Hyunh, and marketing rep Kasha Picars. On the announcements side, they mentioned a new Princess Ai series slated to start at the end of this year by the manga-ka who did the original series, albeit with much more refined art. […]

SakuraCon 2008 FUNimation Panel – Claymore and More

by Karl Olsonon April 3, 2008
FUNimation representative Adam Sheehan lead off this year’s panel with a sentiment anyone familiar with the works of Douglas Adams could appreciate: DON’T PANIC! Yes, in this past year of industry upheaval, FUNimation seems to be taking the official view that it’s mainly an issue of adapting to changes in the market, and that they […]

SakuraCon 2008 Bandai Ent. Panel – Nothing New But Good News

by Karl Olsonon April 3, 2008
Bandai Entertainment fielded company representative Robert Napton at SakuraCon this year, and while there were no new announcements (other than reconfirming the previously announced Rocket Girls,) there was good news as the trailer reel rolled. First off, they ran the trailer for otaku favorite Lucky Star. Napton noted that while it will not be getting […]