"Batman Strikes!" Comic to End with Issue #50

by Ed Liuon May 6, 2008
The World’s Finest Online has confirmed that DC Comics’ The Batman Strikes! comic book will be ending with issue #50, shipping in October 2008. The comic book was a tie-in for The Batman animated series, and is being cancelled to make way for a new tie-in comic book to link with the new Batman: The […]

WALL•E to Join Disney Theme Park Casts; Director Stanton Interviewed

by Ed Liuon May 6, 2008
The Screamscape website is reporting that a life-sized animatronic version of WALL•E, the lead robot character in the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie, will begin appearing at Disney theme parks in the United States. The 3-foot tall robot should be joining Disney’s iconic characters in time for the release of WALL•E in late June 2008. (via Toon […]

Here Comes "Speed Racer" According to SciFiJapan and Peter Fernandez

by Ed Liuon May 6, 2008
Interest in the original Speed Racer cartoon is growing on-line as a result of the new Nickelodeon animated TV series and the upcoming live-action movie. The SciFi Japan website has posted a series of articles chronicling the history of the seminal anime series: A summary of the original series and a character list History and […]

Engineering The Excellent: Greg Johnson Talks ‘Iron Man’

by Stuon May 6, 2008
With Iron Man season one reaching new levels of mediocrity in animation, Marvel revamped the show and replaced the existing staff with an all new crew, resulting in a huge renovation for the show. But how do you rework a show this bad? The Marvel Animation Age/Toon Zone News caught up with writer/story editor Greg […]

"The Wallflower" Vol. 1: Queer Eye For the Strange Girl

by Classic Speedyon May 6, 2008
The Wallflower is the latest anime comedy series from Shinichi Watanabe (a.k.a. Nabeshin), whose Excel Saga is one of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, his previous show, the musical Nerima Daikon Bros., was ultimately disappointing, despite a promising start. I’m happy to say that The Wallflower fares better, mainly because it’s not nearly as blatantly repetitive. […]

"Shuffle" Getting an End Box

by Classic Speedyon May 5, 2008
Thanks to better-than-expected sales of the dating sim-based anime series Shuffle, FUNimation announced that the final volume will include an artbox that will hold all six volumes. A bonus item will also be included with the box. Update 5/5/08: According to RightStuf, the sixth volume with artbox will be released on 9/9/08 for $39.98. [Source: […]

MacFarlane Sticks to Fox, Gets $100 Million Pay Day

by Maxie Zeuson May 5, 2008
Seth MacFarlane will become the highest-paid writer-producer working in TV, thanks to a new deal he has signed with Twentieth Century Fox TV, The Hollywood Reporter says. The deal, which covers his services on Family Guy and American Dad as well as upcoming projects like The Cleveland Show, will keep MacFarlane at Fox and could […]

"Alvin" DVD Sales Continue Strong

by Maxie Zeuson May 5, 2008
Alvin and the Chipmunks ranked fifth on DVD sales charts in the latest sales period, moving 287,000 units, according to To date, the film has sold 4.8 million DVD units. In the same period, Enchanted sold 101,000 units; Bee Movie sold 91,000; 101 Dalmatians sold 44,000; and Beowulf sold 18,000.

Toshifumi Yoshida Joins Bandai Production Team

by Maxie Zeuson May 5, 2008
Toshifumi Yoshida, a veteran producer of English-language anime dubs, has joined Bandai Entertainment’s production team, the company said today. He will act as localizing producer for upcoming Bandai releases. [Source: Bandai Entertainment]

Marvel Q1 2008 Profit of $45.2M; "Avengers" Movie and More DTV News

by Ed Liuon May 5, 2008
Marvel Entertainment Inc. reported First Quarter 2008 results of a $45.2 million profit (PDF format), a slight slip from the $46.8 million profit of the same period in the previous year. Some upcoming animation projects were updated in the report (compared to the Fourth Quarter 2007 earnings announcement news): Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man: […]