"Red Garden" Vol. 1: "Live To Kill", Lack Of Thrill

by Chad Boninon March 9, 2008
Kate, Rachel, Claire, and Rose are four New York City high school students who think something strange is going on. Though they usually have nothing to do with each other, they’ve all been drawn to the same place. A fellow student has just died, and though they can’t remember all of what happened—only a mansion, […]

Full First Episode of English Aquarion Streamed at

by Weathermanon March 8, 2008 has posted the first episode of the science fiction series Aquarion on its website. The show is directed by well-known mechanical designer Shoji Kawamori and features music from Yoko Kanno. Funimation is handling the US release of Aquarion. [Source: Anime News Network]

70s "Popeye" Toons Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson March 8, 2008 reports that the 70s Popeye cartoons from The All-New Popeye Hour are coming to DVD in Popeye & Friends Vol. 1. The DVD contains 8 episodes from the 70s cartoon series that was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and aired on CBS in 1978 continuing the adventures of the spinach-eating sailor saving his girl Olive […]

"Kiddy Grade": Much More Than Fanservice

by Jon Ton March 7, 2008
I recall first hearing about Kiddy Grade when it was originally broadcast in Japan back in 2002. Like an increasing number of science-fiction anime, it seemed to feature quite a lot of young women in fanservice-friendly costumes. Based on this first impression, I dismissed the series and never sought it out. I’m now grown-up enough […]

"Ranma 1/2" Season 5: Old School Fun

by Classic Speedyon March 7, 2008
I’ve seen a decent amount of Japanese animation since I started really watching it in late 2003, but believe it or not, I’d never seen the famous Ranma 1/2 until now. Having finally seen some of it—Season 5, to be exact—what did I think? The series has a great premise, and while I’m sure most […]

"Maria Watches Over Us" Coming to DVD This Summer

by Maxie Zeuson March 6, 2008
Right Stuf’s Nozomi Entertainment has licensed Maria Watches Over Us (Maria-sama ga Miteru) and will release it to DVD in season box sets beginning this summer, the company said today. The series, based on a series of novels by Oyuki Konno and illustrated by Reine Hibiki, follows the lives of several teenage girls attending the […]

PR: Nozomi Entertainment to Release Maria Watches Over Us (Maria-sama ga Miteru)

by Maxie Zeuson March 6, 2008
Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc. and Nozomi Entertainment are pleased to announce the licensing of MARIA WATCHES OVER US (Maria-sama ga Miteru). The series, often referred to by fans as “Marimite,” will be released on DVD as “season box sets,” with Japanese audio and English-language subtitles, starting Summer 2008. A character-driven, coming of […]

Neil Patrick Harris on Being The Flash

by Maxie Zeuson March 6, 2008
Neil Patrick Harris on the best part of being an animation VA: When I finally get to see the animation, I barely remember what the lines were – which is great because not only do I get to be in it, but I get the fan perspective on it, too. For from the man who […]

"Tim and Eric" Tour in 2008

by Maxie Zeuson March 6, 2008
Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, creators of Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! will launch a 13-city tour in Boston on April 21 and end in Los Angeles on May 5, it was announced today. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Tour 2008 will be a live-action variety show consisting of […]

PR: Crispin Freeman (Voice of Electro) The Spectacular Spider-Man

by Maxie Zeuson March 6, 2008
Crispin Freeman steps away from his luminary status in the world of anime and video game voiceovers to assume the animated role of Electro, a featured member of the rogues gallery of recurring villains in “The Spectacular Spider-Man.” An all-new animated television series, “The Spectacular Spider-Man” premieres Saturday, March 8 with back-to-back episodes airing at […]