"Dragonlance" Is Just a Drag of a DVD

by Ed Liuon January 15, 2008
My name is Ed, and I am a Dungeons and Dragons geek. I’ve played four different versions of the pencil-and-paper game, and may have played every computer RPG version since the famous “Gold Box” games. However, despite the enduring popularity of the game, the franchise has never had much success in media other than novels […]

"Felicity" Star Will Voice "Wonder Woman"

by Dan Collinson January 14, 2008
Superhero Hype reports that Felicity star Keri Russell will play the voice of the Amazing Amazon in the animated Direct-to-DVD version of Wonder Woman. The animated video is slated to arrive in late 2008/early 2009.

The 2002 version of "He-Man" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson January 14, 2008
BCI has announced it’ll release the 2002 version of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe on DVD. The first Volume is set to be released on February 19th. The first set will contain all 13 episodes from the first season that aired on Cartoon Network, and each episode will contain a different moral that […]

Press Release: "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 2002"

by Dan Collinson January 14, 2008
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE<O</O <O</O TAKE HOME THE POWER!<O</O HE-MAN® <O</O AND THE <O</O MASTERS <O</O OF THE UNIVERSE®<O</O <O</O Includes the First 13 Episodes<O</O From the 2002 Emmy®-Award Winning Series<O</O Debuts on DVD on February 19, 2008 <O</O <O</O New Hope, MN (January 9, 2007) – BCI Entertainment announces the much-anticipated DVD release of HE-MAN®AND […]

PR: TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED Premieres #1 on All Television Among Boys

by on January 14, 2008
Cartoon Network launched into 2008 with the half-hour original series premiere of TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED (Saturday, Jan. 5, 10:30 a.m.), charting impressive double-digit delivery and ratings gains among key kid demos and ranking #1 in its time period versus all broadcast and cable competition with boys 6-11 and boys 2-11, according to preliminary data from Nielsen […]

Mad For "Mushi-Shi"

by on January 14, 2008
It sometimes seems that Japanese animation ranges over a smaller field than you might hope. Fighting. Big breasts. Confused young protagonists. Big breasts. Naive females with big breasts. More fighting. Comical sweat drops, big breasts and some more fighting for the sake of naive women with big breasts. Smoking isn’t cool. Unless you’re Ginko. Remember […]

"Emma: A Victorian Romance" Season 1 DVD Announced by RightStuf

by SB20xxon January 11, 2008
RightStuf announced the first season of Emma: A Victorian Romance, an anime romance series from 2005 set in 19th century London. It will be released on 6/24/08 for $49.99, and will contain all twelve episodes from season one. [Source: RightStuf ]

"Thundercats": A Critical Retrospective

by on January 11, 2008
Looking back, I see growing up in the UK in the 1980s as a uniquely soulless experience. When I was eight, my favourite drink was Coca-Cola, my favourite treat on a day out was a visit to McDonalds, and my favourite cartoon action hero was a guy designed solely to sell plastic action figures. (If […]

Newtype USA to Cease Publication; (UPDATED) Replaced with New Magazine "PiQ"

by Weathermanon January 10, 2008
ADV has informed retailers that they will be ceasing production of their Newtype USA magazine as of February 2008. It is unclear if they mean the February issue or the March issue that would be shipping in February. Newtype USA had been published by ADV since November of 2002. Toon Zone News will be following […]

"American Dad" Vol. 3 Coming in April

by SB20xxon January 10, 2008
Fox has announced that the third volume of American Dad will be released on 4/15/08 for $39.98. Episodes included: -Bush Comes to Dinner -American Dream Factory -A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial -Black Mystery Month -An Apocalypse to Remember -Four Little Words -When a Stan Loves a Woman -I Can’t Stan You -The Magnificent Steven -Joint Custody […]