"Variety" Looks at FUNimation

by Ed Liuon March 31, 2008
An article in Variety examines the strategies that have led to success for FUNimation, speaking with CEO Gen Fukunaga about illegal downloading, DVD sales in a competitive and tightening market, the difficulties that arise when working with the anime licensors, and how on-line services lead to DVD sales. The article does contain numerous data points […]

"Pumpkin Scissors" Volume 1: Explosive Fun Any Way You Cut It

by Chris Woodon March 31, 2008
What’s in a name? It’s a question any regular anime viewer must have pondered at one point or another. Call them innovative, colorful, or bizarre, but there’s no denying that those who name anime series and characters march to the beat of their own possibly extraterrestrial drummer. This leads to such ludicrously contrived names as […]

"Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target" Doesn’t Prevail

by Dukeon March 30, 2008
After a long, long wait, we finally get the second movie in the popular Detective Conan/Case Closed series: The Fourteenth Target. Does it live up to its predecessor? Or does it deserve to be taken into custody for suckiness? For those who have never seen the series: Jimmy Kudo was a super-ace high school detective […]

"Toxic Crusaders" Comes to DVD as Part of Box Set (UPDATED)

by Dan Collinson March 29, 2008
A few years ago, I reported that all 13 episodes of Toxic Crusaders, the cartoon based on the cult movie The Toxic Avenger will be part of The Complete Toxic Avenger. The box set hasn’t shown up. Now reports that the 7-disc set is finally a go. It will feature all 13 episodes that […]

CG Puppets to Battle in "Stitch-Up Showdown"

by Maxie Zeuson March 29, 2008
Nickelodeon International has commissioned Stitch-Up Showdown, a CG-animated series about daredevil sock-puppet warriors, from Blue-Zoo Productions, World Screen reports. The series, to be directed and produced by Adam Shaw and Oli Hyatt, will premiere in May.

Briefly: Catmull at SIGGRAPH; Animation at BYU

by Maxie Zeuson March 29, 2008
* Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull will be one of the featured speakers at SIGGRAPH 2008. [Business Wire] * Brigham Young University plans to revamp its animation curriculum, add faculty, and implement an animation center in its Fulton college of Engineering and Technology. [Deseret News] * Ram Mohan, who is credited with training a generation of […]

Oldest Anime Films Discovered and Restored for Screening in April 2008

by Ed Liuon March 29, 2008
Two silent anime short films from 1917 and 1918 have been found and restored by Japan’s National Museum of Modern Art. The two films are believed to be among the oldest anime films ever made, and were discovered in an antiques market in Osaka last year. The first film, Jun-ichi Kouchi’s Namakura-gatana (“An Obtuse Sword”), […]

Cartoon Network Confirms "One Piece" Will Not Return to Schedule

by Ed Liuon March 29, 2008
A representative of Cartoon Network confirmed for Toon Zone News that the anime series One Piece will not be returning to their schedule at this time. The representative stated that all their new episodes of One Piece have been aired already, and the series will not be repeated. The network will be replacing it in […]

"Welcome To The NHK: 1st Conspiracy": Welcome To An Awesome Beginning

by Chad Boninon March 29, 2008
In America, they’re “shut ins”. They are the people that contribute nothing to society. They exist only to take up space. They watch their cartoons, listen to the theme songs, play the video games. In Japan? They’re “hikikomori”. They lock themselves in their room or apartment. They contribute nothing to society. They sit on their […]

Media Blasters Acquires "Moribito" License (UPDATED March 28, 2008)

by Ed Liuon March 28, 2008
Anime News Network is reporting that Media Blasters has acquired the license for Seirei No Moribito (a.k.a., Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit). The acquisition is notable because the title’s North American license was originally held by Geneon Entertainment, and was left in limbo along with many other titles after Geneon shut down North American […]