"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Complete Book 2 on 9/11/07

by SB20xxon May 15, 2007
Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender will be getting a full season DVD set of Book 2, much like Book 1 did. It will be a 5-disc set and contain all 20 episodes from Book 2. The fifth disc will be a bonus disc and will detail Aang’s conquest to master the four elements. It is […]

"Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure": Hey, it’s Watchable

by on May 15, 2007
When you write DVD reviews, the mail will sometimes bring you DVDs you didn’t request. It can be exciting when a mystery package arrives at your door: sometimes they hold nice surprises, but sometimes they don’t. I’m sure most adults can imagine the extreme sense of disappointment I had when I opened one such package […]

"Droopy Complete Theatrical Collection" DVD Makes Me Happy

by on May 14, 2007
The DVD format has spurred companies to release titles they might never have put out on VHS. We’ve seen Warner Home Video take this and run with it, releasing tons of Looney Tunes on DVD, alongside over a dozen Hanna-Barbera TV shows as well. Of late, the entire series of Animaniacs and Pinky and the […]

PR: Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound Connect with Marvel for Iron Man

by on May 14, 2007
Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a division of Lucasfilm Ltd. announced today that it has come on board as the principle visual effects house on the new Marvel Studios production of Iron Man. Sister company Skywalker Sound, which houses EFILM’s northern California outpost, completes the post production triumvirate. Skywalker Sound will handle sound design and […]

ADV and Propeller Team Up For New UK Anime Block

by Grant Whiteon May 14, 2007
ADV Films will produce a two-hour anime block for UK network Propeller TV, C21Media reports. Series to be aired include Neon Genesis Evangelion and Elfen Lied. The block will begin airing Sunday 3rd June at a weekly 20:00-22:00 hours slot.

Anime Central 2007: FUNimation Licenses ‘Black Blood Brothers’

by on May 13, 2007
FUNimation kicked off vampire-hunting season again this year by announcing the license for Black Blood Brothers at their industry panel held at Anime Central Saturday night, May 12th. Black Blood Brothers, a 12-episode TV series that aired in Japan last fall, tells the story of “Old Blood” vampires Jirou and Kotaro Mochizuki and their war […]

"Simoun" Licensed By Media Blasters

by SB20xxon May 13, 2007
At Anime Central, Media Blasters announced they have Simoun, a sci-fi/yuri romance series from Studio DEEN. Stay tuned to Toon Zone for further developments, including dub information and release date. [Source: ]

Criminal Charges Dropped for Guerilla ATHF Marketers

by Ed Liuon May 13, 2007
On Friday, Boston prosecutors dropped criminal charges against Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens, the “guerilla marketers” who triggered a day of bomb scares on January 31 while promoting Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The two apologized in court, stating that they had no idea that their campaign would cause a scare. As part of […]

A Dressing Down For….The Worst Sons/Daughters in Animation!

by on May 13, 2007
As Mother’s Day rounds the bend once again, we take the time to remember all the good things our mothers and our parents have done for us, and Ed Liu celebrated that with a look at the finest of animated mothers. But it’s not enough that we simply take our collective moms and pat them […]

A Note of Recognition for….the Top 5 Mothers in Animation

by Ed Liuon May 13, 2007
In honor of Mother’s Day, the staff of Toon Zone News decided to put together a list of the top 5 animated mothers. This turned out to be a surprisingly challenging task. Single-parent families and orphans appear with great regularity in animation, and those parental figures that do make it into the final products are […]