NYCC: Frogs and Bucks at Matt Greenfield’s ADV Panel

by Ed Liuon February 25, 2007
Matt Greenfield’s ADV Panel at the New York Comic Con was largely taken up by a screening of the new Sgt. Frog anime series. The screening began with a parody of NBC’s Heroes before launching into madcap comedy as the Hinata family encounters the frog-like Sgt. Keroro. At the end of the screening, Greenfield would […]

NYCC: Tad Stones and Mike Mignola on "Hellboy: Blood and Iron"

by Ed Liuon February 25, 2007
The second day of the New York Comic Con started with a bang at the Hellboy: Blood and Iron preview panel. Attendees to the panel were treated to a full screening of the direct-to-video movie, followed by a brief Q&A session with director/writer Tad Stones and with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. During the Q&A session, […]

"Baki the Grappler" Vol. 10: Only Going Forward

by Dukeon February 24, 2007
Baki the Grappler has always impressed me with its variety of fighting techniques. Unlike other anime, each and every character in Baki has his own distinct style, which makes for quite a refreshing series. Nowhere is this shown to better effect than in Volume 10 of the series. Yujiro, ashamed of his apprentice’s performance against […]

NYCC: Anime Network Continues Growth; Bringing "Oh My Goddess!" S2 and More in May

by Ed Liuon February 24, 2007
On the first day of the New York Comic Con, the Anime Network’s Stacy Dodson (Director of Operations and Programming), April N. Brem (VOD & Programming Manager) and Emily Olman (Director of Advertising) presented the state of the Anime Network. In one form or another, they said, the network is currently carried in 96% of […]

"Dragon Ball Z" Season Two DVD Set Coming in May

by Maxie Zeuson February 24, 2007
FUNimation will release the Dragon Ball Z Season Two set to DVD on May 22, the company said yesterday. The set, which includes the Namek and Captain Ginyu Sagas, will retail for $49.98. [Source: FUNimation]

"Robotech: Shadow Chronicles" Sequel In The Works

by Chad Boninon February 23, 2007
The award winning Robotech: Shadow Chronicles, recently released by FUNimation, has been selling well, with a sequel greenlighted. The announcement was made by Tommy Yune at the NYCC. (via Anime News Network)

"Departed" Bumps "Cinderella III" From Top Sales Spot

by Maxie Zeuson February 23, 2007
The DVD debut of The Departed pushed Cinderella III out of the top slot among DVD sellers for the week ending February 18, Video Business Online says. The title took the second slot as Open Season crept back up to number three. Cars and Barnyard were the sixteenth and eighteenth best-sellers on the list. Open […]

"Le Chevalier," "Paniponi Dash" Get April Release Dates

by Maxie Zeuson February 23, 2007
ADV Films will release Le Chevalier D’Eon Volume 2 and Paniponi Dash! Volume 3 to DVD on April 17, the company said yesterday. Le Chevalier D’Eon: Agent Provocateur, a fictionalization of the life of Charles D’Eon de Beaumont, will be an anamorphic DVD-only release that presents episodes five through eight in both English 5.1 and […]

Press Release: ADV Announces April 17 Releases

by Maxie Zeuson February 23, 2007
HOUSTON, March 22, 2007 —ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of anime outside of Japan, is pleased to bring you the continuation of two titles, including the second volume of Le Chevalier D’Eon, and the third volume of the crazy comedy Paniponi Dash! Both titles are slated to arrive on stores shelves on April 17. […]

Brian Ward Shouts Up Captain N on DVD

by JohnCrichtonon February 23, 2007
In 1989, Nintendo and NBC teamed up to bring the world of Nintendo to Saturday mornings with Captain N: The Game Master. In the show, teenager Kevin Keene and his faithful dog Duke get summoned to the alternate universe of Videoland, where Kevin becomes Captain N, leading the N Team against the forces of evil, […]