AX: Viz Announces "Bleach Box Set" and "Prince of Tennis Set 3"

by SB20xxon June 30, 2007
At Anime Expo 2007, Viz Media gave no new license announcements but provided new title solicitations and additional info: * Bleach Box Set will be released in October for $99.98 and should contain the first 20 episodes of the series (448 min. total). * Death Note on DVD should begin in November, and will be […]

AX: Bandai Visual Announces "Super Robot Wars" and "MS IGLOO"

by SB20xxon June 30, 2007
At Anime Expo 2007, Bandai Visual announced they have licensed the following anime series: * MS IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079, a 2006 Gundam OAV which is fully CG. * Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, a 3-episode OAV based on the video game series. BV also announced they have the 2006 TV series from Genco and Oriental […]

AX: Geneon Announces "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" and "Shana" OAV

by SB20xxon June 30, 2007
At Anime Expo 2007, Geneon announced they have the following anime series: * Deltora Quest, a 2007 fantasy series from GENCO and Oriental Light and Magic. * Guardian of the Sacred Spirit, a currently-airing 2007 fantasy series from Production I.G. It will be 26 episodes total. * Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Magical Girl Lyrical […]

AX: ADV Films Announces "Devil May Cry", "Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora" & "Gurren Lagann"

by SB20xxon June 30, 2007
At Anime Expo 2007, ADV Films announced they have licensed three new anime series: * Devil May Cry, a 2007 action series based on the Capcom video game series, animated by Madhouse. It will run 12 episodes. * Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, a 2007 mecha/romance series from TNK. Its original creator is Kaishaku, who […]

PR: VIZ Media Announces Fall DVD Release of "Death Note" Anime Series

by Ed Liuon June 30, 2007
VIZ MEDIA ANNOUNCES FALL DVD RELEASE OF DEATH NOTE ANIME SERIES Long Awaited Debut Of Unique Action Crime Drama Will Delight Fans San Francisco, CA, June 29, 2007 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, announced the highly anticipated DVD release of […]

"Solty Rei" Volumes 2 & 3: More of the Same, or Less of the Lame?

by on June 30, 2007
Solty’s the mysterious little girl with superhuman powers. Roy’s the hard-edged bounty hunter with a dark past. Rose is the cocky criminal with a penchant for taking a shower every episode. Years ago, a “blastfall” destroyed their city, killing and maiming the population. Now, they’re just trying to make a living. I didn’t realize it […]

Anime interviews "GitS:Solid State Society" cast

by Weathermanon June 29, 2007
Anime has posted a group interview with Richard Epcar, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Crispin Freeman. In the interview they are talking about their just completed work on the new Ghost in the Shell Movie, Solid State Society. They go into detail about the recording process for the film and their larger views on how […]

BBC To Air Complete "Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest"

by Grant Whiteon June 29, 2007
The BBC will air the complete Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest as a 45 minute episode at 10:30am on BBC 2 on Saturday 30th June. The animated series, which has been running in segments on kids magazine show Totally Doctor Who, involves the Doctor and companion Martha Jones on a quest to stop a deadly […]

"Death Note" on DVD in November

by Weathermanon June 29, 2007
Viz Media has announced that the Death Note animation will be arriving on DVDs in the USA on November 20th, 2007. The first DVD will have 4 uncut episodes and will be rated 16+. There will be a regular edition for $24.98 and a Limited Collector’s Edition for $39.98 that will include a figurine of […]

Funimation now offering downloads at

by Weathermanon June 29, 2007, a division of Funimation’s parent company Navare, is now offering downloads of several Funimation titles for $1.99 each. All of the downloads will require Microsoft Mediaplayer 9 and an operating system that can support the software. Titles being offered include Trinity Blood, Rumbling Hearts and Kiddy Grade. [ ]