YTV Announces August 2007 Highlights

by Ed Liuon June 15, 2007
YTV and Treehouse have announced their programming highlights for August 2007. Highlights include a Sneak Peek Week for new shows coming in September 2007 like Storm Hawks and Legion of Superheroes; the Summer Phreakend of spooky cartoons like Danny Phantom; No Pants Day with Jimmy Neutron and SpongeBob SquarePants; and movie blocks on Saturdays and […]

"Happy Tree Friends" Volume 3 to DVD on August 7

by Ed Liuon June 15, 2007
A press release from BCI reveals that a third volume of Happy Tree Friends on DVD will be released on August 7, 2007. The series puts a bizarre and gory twist on the average cute, fuzzy animal cartoons. No details were provided on the number of discs, number of episodes, or special featuers. Read the […]

Anime Network picks up "Ninja Nonsense"

by Weathermanon June 15, 2007
ADV’s Anime Network has licensed the television rights to The Right Stuf Intl.’s Ninja Nonsense. The show is a comedy about a young ninja-in-training and her misadventures after being caught by her intended victim in the act of stealing some underwear. Ninja Nonsense will debuting on the Anime Network’s VOD on July 5th. [source: Anime […]

‘Transporter’ Screenwriter To Deliver Animated ‘Gatchaman’

by on June 15, 2007
Imagi Studios Gatchaman the hiring of veteran screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen to write the screenplay for their upcoming CGI-animated Gatchaman movie, directed by TMNT‘s Kevin Munroe and currently scheduled for completion in late 2008. A veteran writer who has enjoyed a writing partnership with French producer and director Luc Besson, Kamen has authored 18 produced […]

Robert Mark Kamen To Write New “Gatchaman” Film

by on June 15, 2007
Wednesday, 13 June 2007 Imagi Studios announces the signing of veteran screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen (Lethal Weapon 3) for the new CG-animated feature film Gatchaman, which will be completed in 2008 Los Angeles, June 13, 2007 – Robert Mark Kamen has been signed to write the screenplay for the upcoming CG-animated motion picture Gatchaman, it […]

"Moon Phase" Ends With a Meow Instead of a Roar

by on June 15, 2007
Hazuki and Kouhei have been on one wild ride, through monster attacks and vampire attacks. Some great variety there. Oh yeah, and Hazuki had an identity crisis mid-way through the series. But after all that, it’s finally the end of Moon Phase. Previously, Kouhei and Hazuki were forced to hide in the Mido family shrine […]

"Robot Chicken’s" Doug Goldstein on "Star Wars" Episode

by Ed Liuon June 14, 2007
Newsarama’s Animated Shorts column has spoken with Robot Chicken’s Doug Goldstein on the Star Wars parody/tribute episode of the show which will debut on Sunday, June 17, at 10:00 PM (Eastern) on Adult Swim. Goldstein discusses how the episode came to be and what it’s like to work on the show.

"Sam & Max: Freelance Police" coming to DVD

by Weathermanon June 14, 2007
Shout! Factory is currently preparing a release of the full run of the Sam & Max: Freelance Police animation. Based on the Sam & Max comics, the show ran between 1997 and 1998 on the Fox Kids network. No release date or price point has been established. The show consisted of 24 episodes spread out […]

Akimbo adds Geneon to their roster for VOD

by Weathermanon June 14, 2007
The Akimbo streaming video service has added several Geneon titles to their roster. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo has already beed added and they plan to add Last Exile and Lupin III soon. [source: ]

PR: VIZ Media Launches Hit Action Anime Series MÄR on DVD

by Ed Liuon June 14, 2007
VIZ MEDIA LAUNCHES HIT ACTION ANIME SERIES MÄR ON DVD Series About A Nerdy Boy Transformed Into A Hero Also A Popular Manga And A Staple Of Toonami Jetstream San Francisco, CA, June 13, 2007 — VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, […]