Transformers: Energon Box on Dec 16, ’08; TF: Animated Season 2 on Jan 6, ’09

by Ed Liuon September 26, 2008 is reporting that Transformers: Energon – The Ultimate Collection will be released on December 16, 2008, from Paramount Home Entertainment. The set will contain 4 “thinpak” DVDs with all 52 episodes of the show, running 1092 minutes total. Special features and artwork is not available yet. The site is also reporting that Transformers: Animated […]

Newsarama Interviews "Superjail" Creators

by Ed Liuon September 26, 2008
Newsarama’s Animated Shorts has interviewed the creators of Superjail, which debuts on Adult Swim this Sunday, September 28, 2008. Christy Karakas and Stephen Warbrick discuss the critical drubbing the show is receiving in some quarters, how the show is different from the pilot episode aired in 2007, and the characters on the show.

"Voltron: Volumes 6 & 7" Delayed

by Dan Collinson September 25, 2008 reports that Volume 6 of Voltron: Defender of the Universe will be delayed from September 30th to December 23rd. The upcoming Volume 7 will be delayed as well from its initial date of December 23rd. No word on when Volume 7 will be out.

Stan Lee to Kick Off Nicktoons Animation Festival on Oct 3, 2008

by Ed Liuon September 25, 2008
Animation Magazine reports that the Nicktons Animation Festival will kick off on October 3, 2008 with a special two-day, invitation-only event with Stan Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and numerous other of Marvel Comics’ iconic superheroes. Shorts from the festival will also air on Nicktoons at 11:00 PM (Eastern) throughout the month of […]

"Legion of Superheroes, Vol. 3": An Innocent and Interesting Show, Warts and All

by Alex Weitzmanon September 25, 2008
When push comes to shove, I remain a stalwart opponent of all single-disc releases of TV episodes. Recognizing that such releases are sadly inevitable has been a bitter pill to swallow, but it follows from the apparently proven success of the so-called “impulse market”: DVD buyers who pick them up on the impulse of a […]

PR: VIZ Media Announces Naruto, Bleach, & Death Note Episodes on

by Ed Liuon September 25, 2008
VIZ MEDIA ANNOUNCES THE LAUNCH OF NARUTO, BLEACH and DEATH NOTE EPISODES ON HULU.COM Innovative New Online Video Streaming Service To Carry Original Uncut Japanese Episodes From Three Smash Hit Animated Action Series San Francisco, CA, September 25, 2008 — VIZ Media, LLC., one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and […]

Israel to Submit Animated "Waltz with Bashir" for Best Foreign Language Oscar

by Ed Liuon September 25, 2008
The Cinemascope weblog is reporting that Israel will submit the animated documentary Waltz with Bashir as their entry for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award. The movie has gathered much attention since its debut at the Cannes Film Festival, and swept Israel’s Ophir Awards (their equivalent of the Oscars) landing Best Direction, Best Screenplay, and […]

Disney Shows Off New Movies; Mocap "Christmas Carol" with Jim Carrey

by Ed Liuon September 25, 2008
The New York Times reports on a gala event held by Disney to promote its upcoming movies (free registration required). The day-long event showcased several of their upcoming animated movies, including the CGI Bolt and the hand-drawn The Princess and the Frog, and the mixed-medium Tron 2. Breaking news from the event included the following: […]

New York Anime Festival Announces Final Star-Studded Lineup of Guests for 2008 Show

by Ed Liuon September 24, 2008
The New York Anime Festival has announced its final lineup of guests for the 2008 show, which will expand from anime and manga to the broader world of Japanese pop culture, including fashion, music, and food. Guests this year will include Chef Masaharu Morimoto, artist Yoshitaka Amano, designers from the “Baby, the Stars Shine Bright” […]

"WhoBob WhatPants?" to Air on Oct 13, 2008, Guest-Starring Ray Liotta

by Ed Liuon September 24, 2008
Nickelodeon has announced that the next SpongeBob SquarePants special, “WhoBob WhatPants?” will be airing on Monday, October 13, 2008, at 8:00 PM (Eastern/Pacific). In the special, SpongeBob is struck with amnesia and wanders away from Bikini Bottom, causing his friends to fear that they’ve lost him forever. The memory-impaired sponge will have a fateful encounter […]