PR: Viz to Offer Death Note Downloads with IGN’s Direct2Drive

by Matt Hazudaon May 3, 2007
Viz Media TEAMS WITH IGN ENTERTAINMENT’S DIRECT2DRIVE TO MAKE DEATH NOTE™ ANIME SERIES AVAILABLE FOR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Broadband Availability Of Episodes Soon After Broadcast In Japan Sets A New Benchmark For The Anime Industry San Francisco, CA, May 3, 2007 – Viz Media, LLC (Viz Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive […]

Viz to make Death Note available for downloads with Direct2Drive

by Matt Hazudaon May 3, 2007
Viz Media announced today in a press release that they will be making anime series Death Note available for online download via IGN Entertainment’s Direct2Drive online shop. The first subtitled episode of the series will be available for purchase on May 10, 2007 for an unannounced price (other single-episode TV downloads on the site are […]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres debuts on 2-disc DVD this August

by Matt Hazudaon May 3, 2007
Warner Home Video has announced the release of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres on DVD on August 14, 2007. The 2-disc set will include the following: The fake movie endings from the movie’s web page Deleted scenes Round table discussion feature of the making of the movie Music video Behind the […]

Robot Chicken: Star Wars trailer online

by Matt Hazudaon May 3, 2007
The trailer for the Robot Chicken: Star Wars, debuting June 17, 2007 on Adult Swim is now online. It can viewed at online at or Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich will also be at Star Wars Celebration IV for a sneak preview of the program.

Superman Doomsday DVD website now online

by Matt Hazudaon May 3, 2007
The official website for the upcoming Superman Doomsday DVD is now online. The only currently available items are a mini-movie with the creators of the feature and an option to receive email updates.

9-minute preview of Ratatoullie online

by Matt Hazudaon May 2, 2007 has made available on their website a 9-minute preview of the upcoming Disney/Pixar feature Ratatouille ahead of its June 28th debut in theaters nationwide. The preview can be viewed by clicking the following link.

"Mosaic": This Chameleon Should Hide

by Bird Boyon May 2, 2007
I’ve not much to say about Mosaic; there’s not much you can say about a movie that is itself worth so little. It’s crass, unoriginal and uninteresting. The story is about Maggie Nelson, whose father, an Interpol agent, discovers an ancient rock that can empower a human with the talents of an ancient race of […]

"Ah! My Goddess" Season 2, Episode 1 Streaming on IGN

by Classic Speedyon May 2, 2007
The first episode of Ah! My Goddess Season 2 is available streaming on IGN in both low and high resolution versions. The second season of the romantic comedy series is being handled by ADV Films, as opposed to AnimeWorks/Media Blasters for season 1. Low res version:…d_1976932.html High res version:…d_1976935.html [Source: ]

Jason Hall on Writing "Justice League Unlimited" #33

by Bird Boyon May 1, 2007
Jason Hall is no stranger to writing comics for the animated DC universe. His Mr. Freeze story from Gotham Adventures and the continuation in Batman Adventures were loved by fans and his works in the Justice League Adventures series were some of the best the series has to offer. Now, with his upcoming issue of […]

"Hare+Guu" Vol. 7: The Mansion Family

by Classic Speedyon May 1, 2007
I’ve not seen volumes 5 and 6 of Hare+Guu, so I was a bit perplexed when I started the seventh volume and found Hare, Guu, and Weda living in an entirely new location. It turns out Weda has moved from her jungle home back to the city mansion where she lived as a youth. This […]