"Enchanted" Takes Second Spot in DVD Sales

by on April 7, 2008
Enchanted retained the number two spot on the DVD sales charts in its second week on store shelves, despite seeing an 82% fall in sales, according to data compiled by The The Disney musical shipped 493,000 units in its sophomore session, lifting its total units shipped number past the 3.3 million mark. Bee Movie […]

Russian Channel Licenses Disney Toons

by on April 7, 2008
CTC Media and Walt Disney have struck a licensing deal that will bring Disney features and live-action and animated series to the Russian broadcaster, the companies announced today. The deal will give CTC rights to Cars and The Incredibles along with other Disney and Pixar titles. Animated series Ducktales, Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, and […]

Briefly: New Series and Channels Coming to Europe

by on April 7, 2008
* Sony’s anime-programmed Animax channel will debut in Spain on April 12. [c21 Media] * Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies has been picked up by Portugal’s RTP. [c21 Media] * Jetix Europe will add Magi-Nation and World of Quest to its lineup in 2008 thanks to a deal with producer Cookie Jar Entertainment. [c21 Media]

An Animation Fan’s Guide to New York Comic Con 2008

by Ed Liuon April 7, 2008
The New York Comic Con website has been updated with the full list of programming scheduled for this year’s convention in HTML format (organized chronologically) and in a PDF grid. Animation fans will probably be most interested in the following content: FRIDAY, APRIL 18 1:00 – 2:00 PM What’s Next After Naruto? (1E16), discussing emerging […]

Third "Avatar" Video Game Coming in October

by Ed Liuon April 7, 2008 is reporting that Nickelodeon’s Avatar the Last Airbender will get a third video game in October 2008. Subtitled Into the Inferno, the video game will follow events in the third season of the show as Aang and his friends travel through the Fire Nation. The game will be developed by THQ Australia and will […]

Kevin Munroe Leaves Imagi’s "Gatchman" Feature Film

by Ed Liuon April 7, 2008
The website is reporting that director Kevin Munroe will not be directing the Gatchman feature film currently underway at Imagi Animation Studios. Instead, Munroe has signed on to direct Dylan Dog, based on an Italian comic book that was released in the United States by Dark Horse Comics. The Gatchaman feature film is currently […]

"South Park: Imaginationland": … Than Are Dreamt of in Your Philosophy

by on April 6, 2008
South Park is a rare breed of television show for more than one reason. It manages to savagely satirise both the Left and the Right while still occupying a politically avowed position. It’s an animation show that is plainly only for adults. It still maintains the capacity to shock, no matter how outrageous it becomes. […]

"Shuffle" Vol. 2: Still Unoriginal, But That’s Okay

by SB20xxon April 6, 2008
For those new to the Shuffle universe, let me quickly get you up to speed. It stars Rin, your typical high school guy, who is surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls who want him (and a couple of whom live with him as well). Sounds like your typical harem/dating sim premise? It is, and […]

"The Third: Girl With the Blue Eye" Vol. 5 Finally Starts Getting it Together

by Ed Liuon April 5, 2008
Volume 4 of The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye ended with a nice sense of closure, which inadvertently provided viewers with a perfect opportunity to stop watching. It would be understandable if some viewers seized that opportunity, considering that the show’s charms have often been counter-balanced, if not outweighed, by its flaws. However, […]

Anime Boston Hits Adolesence

by Weathermanon April 5, 2008
Every big convention has its growing pains. Otakon went through it from 2001-2004. I can distinctly remember some excruciatingly long lines for registration and main events that could take many hours to muddle through. Even smaller conventions can have logistical nightmares caused by bad circumstances, and some bad planning. Unfortunately, Anime Boston 2008 got hit […]