I’m Not "Enchanted"

by SB20xxon March 17, 2008
I’ve often wondered how someone like Snow White would get along in the real world. When I heard about Enchanted, I was hoping to see my questions answered, and I was interested to see if Disney had the guts to mock their own stereotypical, squeaky-clean image. Unfortunately, Enchanted doesn’t really take advantage of the opportunity […]

"Appleseed Ex Machina" is Satsifying Sci-Fi Cheese

by Ed Liuon March 16, 2008
It’s no secret by now that computer graphics have changed the way animation is made, from the use of computer effects to enhance hand-drawn animation to the fully CGI-animated movies taking over the multiplexes. CGI has even spawned its own sub-genres, from the fully rendered movies of Pixar and DreamWorks to the Flash animators of […]

The Kennedy Center, Turning Japanese

by Weathermanon March 16, 2008
Every so often I get asked “What’s so great about living around DC?” Yeah, we have some of the worst traffic in the USA, way too many A++ political types, struggling sports teams, sports teams with screwball owners, one of the nation’s weirdest job markets, and sprawl to match LA. Well, the sports teams are […]

Toon Zone Interviews Steve Purcell About "Sam & Max the Animated Series"

by Ed Liuon March 16, 2008
Cartoonist Steve Purcell’s resume reads like a cult nerd hit-list. When he was a boy, he would parody his younger brother’s comic strips, eventually creating Sam and Max, a duo of freelance detectives. Sam is a man-sized dog shamus in a shabby suit and Max was…well, you’ll see what Max is. During the 1980’s black-and-white […]

"Horton" Undone by Hackery

by on March 15, 2008
About two-thirds of the way through Blue Sky Studios’ Horton Hears a Who, JoJo, the young son of the mayor of Whoville, escapes from his bedroom window and heads for the town’s abandoned observatory. To get there he must swing out on a mobile-supported bucket across a gaping chasm and then shoot himself skyward on […]

"The Chronological Donald, Volume 3": Another Side of Donald Duck

by on March 14, 2008
The Chronological Donald, Volume Three, part of the Walt Disney Treasures seventh wave, rounds up the Donald shorts made between 1947 and 1950, featuring twenty-nine in total, right from where volume two left off. There are two DVDs, which, as is customary for a Treasures release, come in a nice silver tin box complete with […]

"Gumby: The Movie" Comes to DVD in April

by on March 14, 2008
Classic Media will release the Gumby: The Movie to DVD on April 22, Video Business Online reports. The 1995 direct-to-video feature will be remastered and be released with deleted scenes, bonus episodes, and a bendable Gumby figure. It will retail for $16.93.

Updated: "Popeye & Friends" Coming to DVD in June

by on March 14, 2008
Warner Home Video will release Popeye & Friends: Vol. 1 to DVD on June 17, the company announced today. The single-disc release will retail for $14.97. Update (4/8): Warner Home Video has announced the following extras for Volume 2: commentaries; documentaries on Eugene the Jeep, Poopdeck Pappy, and Olive Oyl; the featurettes “Out o the […]

"CLAMP Double Feature": "Tsubasa" Is Too Short, But "xxxHOLiC" Is Just Right

by on March 14, 2008
If you read my review of the Tsubasa anime series, you know how hugely it disappointed me. I hated how Koichi Mashimo and his collaborators at Bee Train basically turned it into .hack//CLAMP. Fortunately for The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom, the Tsubasa feature FUNimation recently released as part of its Tsubasa/xxxHOLIC double feature, they’ve […]

"Beowulf" and "JL: New Frontier" Make Strong DVD Debut

by on March 13, 2008
New animated DVD releases took four of the top twenty spots on the DVD sales charts for the week ended March 1, Video Business Online reports. The motion-capture feature Beowulf was both the best-selling and best-renting release in its debut week, and also scored the number three spot on CinemaNow’s download charts. Meanwhile, Barbie Mariposa […]