Bandai Entertainment Announces New December Titles Including "Ghost Slayers Ayashi"

by Classic Speedyon October 9, 2008
Ghost Slayers Ayashi makes its North American DVD debut on 12/2/08. It will be released in a partial season set for $39.98 (or $64.98 for a limited edition w/artbox). Clamp School Detectives also makes its debut on the same date; the complete collection is priced at $49.98. Further volumes of the following are also coming […]

"Batman: Black and White" and "Superman: Red Son" to Get Motion Comics Treatment

by Ed Liuon October 9, 2008
DC Comics has announced that Batman: Black and White and Superman: Red Son will be turned into “Motion Comics,” which lightly animate the comic book material and add voice-overs, music, and sound-effects. They will join Watchmen and Batman: Mad Love and will be available on iTunes, Amazon Unbox, Xbox Live, and the Sony PlayStation Store, […]

"Shin-chan" Season 1 Part 2: Shin in All His Uncensored Glory

by Classic Speedyon October 9, 2008
The domestic anime comedy Shin-chan is a favorite of mine, though I’ll be the first to admit it can be pretty uneven. When most of the laughs depend on the dialog and the one-liners fail to click, then a short can fall flat. And with the episodes on this second volume the novelty of the […]

"A Martian Christmas" and "Tutenstein" Movies from PorchLight Entertainment at MIPCOM

by Ed Liuon October 8, 2008
The Hollywood Reporter states that an animated holiday film titled A Martian Christmas will be screening at MIPCOM. The movie is produced by PorchLight Entertainment and Mexico’s Anime Estudios. In addition, a Tutenstein: Clash of the Titans feature will also be shown by PorchLight at MIPCOM, although it is not stated if the movie is […]

Marvel Plans a New "Avengers" Cartoon for 2011

by Dan Collinson October 8, 2008
Marvel Animation Age reports that Marvel is beginning production on a new cartoon called The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including a full-sized, unwatermarked image of the teaser poster. Film Roman has been hired by Marvel to produce 26 half-hour episodes that are scheduled to air in 2011, in time for the upcoming Marvel films The […]

Toon Zone Presents: "Sleeping Beauty" 50th Anniversary Bonus Content

by Ed Liuon October 8, 2008
To commemorate its 50th anniversary, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release Sleeping Beauty on 2-disc Platinum Edition DVD and Blu-ray disc on Tuesday, October 7, 2008. WDSHE has provided Toon Zone with a variety of bonus content for our readers in conjunction with this release. Check back here daily as each link goes live […]

Walt Disney Presents Pre-Production Artwork of Maleficent for "Sleeping Beauty"

by Ed Liuon October 8, 2008
In conjunction with the release of Sleeping Beauty in a 2-disc Platinum Edition DVD and Blu-ray disc, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has made the following artwork available of pre-production artwork for Maleficent, the evil fairy queen who remains one of Disney’s most memorable screen villains: There are also several images of video reference of […]

Return Voyage: "One Piece Second Voyage" Sails Untroubled Waters!

by Jameson October 7, 2008
Once again, land lubbers, I must ask you to unsheathe your pirate puns and jolly your bottles of rum as we return to the ocean and the ever-popular One Piece. Sailing back to the show’s beginning, FUNimation has just released the series’ second disk set, One Piece: Season One, Second Voyage. So, are we jumping […]

Volume 2 of "The All New Superfriends Hour" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson October 7, 2008 reports that Warner Bros is releasing The All New Superfriends Hour: Season 1 – Volume 2 on DVD. Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Wonder Twins are into action in 32 cartoons on a 2-disc set, and includes the bonus feature “The Wonder Twins Phenomenon: Zan & Jayna’s Impact on Pop […]

Viz Media Announces New January ’09 Titles Including "Blue Dragon" Vol. 3

by Classic Speedyon October 7, 2008
Four new DVD titles have been announced by Viz for January 2009: * Bleach vol. 14: 1/20/09 – $24.98 * Blue Dragon vol. 3: 1/6/09 – $14.98 * Naruto vol. 31: 1/6/09 – $19.98 * Naruto vol. 32: 1/27/09 – $19.98 [Source: RightStuf ]