PR: FUNimation Announces Release of "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" on Blu-Ray

by on April 20, 2008
Definitive Collector’s Edition of Awarding-winning Film Showcased in High-Definition Blu-Ray Disc™ Format New York, NY, April 19, 2008 – FUNimation Entertainment, in collaboration with Harmony Gold, is proud to announce at this year’s New York Comic Con that it is bringing another title of next generation entertainment to the next generation format with the release […]

NYCC 2008: "Avatar" Full Panel Report

by Ed Liuon April 20, 2008
(NOTE: This panel report will present the events out of order to move spoilers for the end of season 3 to the bottom.) The frighteningly large audience for the Avatar panel A completely packed conference room at the New York Comic Con welcomed Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, co-creators of Nickeloden’s hit show Avatar the […]

NYCC 2008: Disney’s Royalty and Robots – The "WALL•E" and "Prince Caspian" Panel

by Ed Liuon April 20, 2008
Disney conquered the mammoth IGN Theater at New York Comic Con with a panel to screen their two newest films: Disney/Pixar’s WALL•E, and Disney/Walden Media’s The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. If audience reaction is any gauge, Disney is going to have two more hits on its hands starting in May, although it must be […]

NYCC 2008: "One Piece" Offers Pieces of Eight for the Fans

by Ed Liuon April 19, 2008
FUNimation’s One Piece panel was held in a jam-packed room of fans, revealing both the size and the intensity of the One Piece fanbase. Panelist Mike McFarland opened up to audience questions immediately as his colleague Justin Cook ran back to get screening materials and a working DVD player for the room. Unsurprisingly, the very […]

NYCC 2008: "Avatar" Concludes July 2008 (UPDATED 4:30 PM)

by Ed Liuon April 19, 2008
At the Avatar panel at the New York Comic Con, the trailer for the conclusion to book 3 revealed that the remaining episodes of season 3 will return to the air in July 2008, including the four-part series finale. The next DVD will still be released on May 6, 2008, and will include episodes that […]

NYCC 2008: Nicktoons’s "Three Delivery" – Like "The O.C." In Chinatown. With Dragons

by Ed Liuon April 19, 2008
On Saturday morning at the New York Comic Con, Nickelodeon showed off Three Delivery, the latest new show from the Animation Collective that is scheduled to debut on the Nicktoons network on June 27, 2008 at 7:30 PM. Attending the panel was Larry Schwarz (creator and executive producer), Pei-Chen Chen (cultural consultant), Alan Foreman (art […]

PR: Right Stuf Announces New NINJA NONSENSE Shirts for Summer 2

by on April 19, 2008
Right Stuf, Inc. and Nozomi Entertainment are pleased to announce four new T-shirts featuring exclusive artwork from the anime comedy NINJA NONSENSE, a.k.a. Ninin ga Shinobuden, for Summer 2008. Each full-color design is printed on “regular fit” T-shirts, constructed from 6.1 ounce, 100% pre-shrunk cotton. (Sizing information included below.) NINJA NONSENSE – Summer 2008 Collection […]

PR: Right Stuf Announces New GRAVITATION Shirts for Summer 2008

by on April 19, 2008
GRIMES, IA, April 18, 2008 – Right Stuf, Inc. and Nozomi Entertainment are pleased to announce six new T-shirt and tank top designs – featuring character artwork from the hit anime series GRAVITATION – for Summer 2008. Each T-shirt design is printed on a “regular fit” garment that is constructed from 6.1 oz., 100% pre-shrunk […]

NYCC 2008: The Black Panel – "Black Panther," "Hannibal," and BET vs. "The Boondocks"

by Ed Liuon April 19, 2008
Saving the best for last, the Black Panel closed out Friday at the New York Comic Con. The panel was moderated by the ever-entertaining Michael Davis, exective vice president for Urban Ministries and a weekly columnist for He was joined by Cheryl Lynn Eaton, the founder of the Ormes Society, named for first female […]

NYCC 2008: Ralph Bakshi Returns to New York, Still Unfiltered

by Ed Liuon April 19, 2008
Legendary animator Ralph Bakshi and the new book Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi were the subjects at a panel hosted in the massive IGN Theater at New York Comic Con 2008. The panel started late, although the earlier event in the room was a screening of Independents: A Guide for the Creative Spirit, a documentary […]