"Pucca": Aww, Cute Widdle Ninjas!

by Dukeon September 18, 2006
If there’s one thing Disney’s good at, it’s airing really odd imported animation. From Tokyo Pig to Daigunder, Disney really seems to pick the oddest stuff from Asia that might appeal to kids to air on their various channels. And you know what? They’re good at it. They’re so good, they’ve basically re-created a Korean […]

Toon Zone Was There: Seth MacFarlane at GWU

by Zach Loganon September 17, 2006
On Saturday night, September 16th, Seth MacFarlane, creator of the hit series Family Guy and American Dad, spoke at the Smith Center at George Washington University. He spoke about the well known origins of Family Guy and also shared info about an upcoming episode. Some news has come out of this discussion with MacFarlane’s D.C. […]

Disney Announces Holiday DVD Releases

by Dukeon September 16, 2006
Walt Disney Entertainment is gearing up for the holiday season with a variety of DVD releases: Disney/Pixar’s Cars arrives on November 7th with a price tag of $29.99 US and $36.99 Canadian. The Little Mermaid returns in a Special Edition on October 3rd. The release will retail for $29.99 US and $36.99 Canadian. Disney’s The […]

Press Release: Fill Your Holiday Gift-Giving Needs with This Treasure of DVD Releases

by Dukeon September 16, 2006
Fill Your Holiday Gift Giving Needs with This Treasure Trove of DVD Releases from Buena Vista Home Entertainment BURBANK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 14, 2006–Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc.: CARS The high-octane Disney/Pixar team announces the DVD debut of the smash hit #1 animated and #2 biggest film of the year, CARS, in time for the holidays […]

Viz Announces New December and January Titles

by Classic Speedyon September 15, 2006
Volumes 8-10 of Pokemon: 10th Anniversary Edition are all set for December 19th. Naruto is also getting a couple of releases: The second box set will be released on December 5th in both regular and special editions, while volume 7 will be released on December 27th. Also look for Full Moon (vol. 3), Inu-Yasha (vol. […]

Glen Murakami Talks "Titans: Trouble in Tokyo"

by Ed Liuon September 15, 2006
Glen Murakami has spoken to Steve Fritz about the new Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo movie, which makes its debut on Cartoon Network tonight and its debut on DVD in November. During the interview (which contains spoilers for the movie), Murakami discusses the long time between proposing the movie and making it, important changes for […]

Central Park Media Drops Prices on 4 Anime Classics

by Ed Liuon September 14, 2006
Central Park Media has announced more price drops on some classics from their anime library. The 4-disc Gall Force DVD Collection will be re-priced at $39.95 SRP. The 1-disc Arcade Gamer Fubuki Collector’s Series Edition will be re-priced at $19.95 SRP, and the single-disc releases for A Wind Named Amnesia and Machine Robo-Revenge of Cronos: […]

Central Park Media Anime Available on Google Video

by Ed Liuon September 14, 2006
Central Park Media has issued a press release stating that several of their anime offerings will soon be available on Google’s Video service. Two confirmed titles are Black Jack and Battle Arena Toshinden. The videos will be available at Read the full press release here.


by Ed Liuon September 14, 2006
CENTRAL PARK MEDIA TO RE-PRICE FOUR ANIME CLASSICS JUST IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY SHOPPING Box Set to be Priced at $39.95 SRP and Single Discs to be Priced From $9.95 SRP to $19.95 SRP. NEW YORK, NY (September 12, 2006)  Central Park Media announced that it will reduce the price on four of its […]


by Ed Liuon September 14, 2006
CENTRAL PARK MEDIA TO LAUNCH ANIME ONLINE New York, NY (September 13, 2006) – In response to the growing demand for anime programming, Google, the world’s largest Internet search engine, and Central Park Media, a pioneer in the distribution of anime in the United States, will make anime available to North American consumers on Google […]