Briefly: WALL-E to Dolly?; Chowder Creator Comics; "Space Chimps" Rescue Real Ones

by Ed Liuon July 15, 2008
* The prominent use of two songs from the movie Hello, Dolly! in Pixar’s WALL-E has “unexpectedly amplified the buzz” for a revival of the musical on Broadway. [Variety] * On his weblog, Chowder creator C.H. Greenblatt has posted the two-page autobiographical comic that was published in Nickelodeon magazine a few months ago. * The […]

"Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Trailer On-Line

by Ed Liuon July 14, 2008
The trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Iron Man: Armored Adventures has appeared on-line. The new animated series is scheduled to debut on the Nicktoons Network in the spring of 2009. (via Comic Book Resources Comics Reel)

"Yukikaze": If "Top Gun" Met "2001: A Space Odyssey"

by Maxie Zeuson July 14, 2008
Teasing, allusive, and obscure, Yukikaze is a series that might have been created to drive a certain kind of viewer mad. This story of an extraterrestrial war lulls the senses with a hypnotically languid pace and graceful, ballet-like sequences of aerial combat; at the same time it forces you to puzzle through the most maddening […]

"Yukikaze": The Radar Appears To Be … JAMmed

by Chad Boninon July 14, 2008
Yukikaze is an advanced fighter plane, part of the Fairy Air Force group that’s been fighting back a decades-long alien invasion. The plane and its pilot, Rei Fukai, run reconnaissance through the Antarctic dimensional portal that the JAM, the alien fighters, attack Earth through. When a plot to replace humans with JAM dopplegangers is uncovered, […]

Who’s NEXT? An Awesome Anime Convention

by Weathermanon July 13, 2008
Going to northern New Jersey….northern New Jersey here I come. What comes to mind when you think of The Meadowlands? Football, garbage dumps, turnpikes, Jimmy Hoffa….anime? Yes, anime. Anime NEXT to be more precise. Having been in the Meadowlands in one form or another, with the exception of a brief side trip to Rye, New […]

Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes DVD: Drastic Fantastic?

by Stuon July 12, 2008
A year-and-a-half after the release of the disappointing live-action Fantastic Four movie, Marvel and Cartoon Network premiered Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes. One might wonder why it took them so long to get the FF back on the small screen, but all that matters is that they did—at least, for a ridiculously short time, before […]

Bruce Timm Talks "Batman Gotham Knight" with Comic Book Resources

by Ed Liuon July 11, 2008
Comic Book Resources has posted an article talking with executive producer Bruce Timm about Batman Gotham Knight, the direct-to-video movie that was released to stores this past Tuesday. Timm discusses what he was looking forward to in the collaboration with Japanese anime studios, why Batman is malleable enough to withstand experimentation, how he would have […]

PR: VIZ Media Celebrates 2 Shonen Jump Anniversaries with New Collector’s Editions

by Ed Liuon July 11, 2008
VIZ MEDIA CELEBRATES TWO HISTORIC SHONEN JUMP ANNIVERSARIES WITH EXCITING NEW COLLECTOR’S EDITONS 40th Anniversary Of Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump And 5th Anniversary Of SHONEN JUMP Magazine Commemorated With Special Collector’s Edition Of Top Manga Anthology’s Articles And New Hardcover Presentations Of Several Most-Loved Manga Series San Francisco, CA, July 10, 2008 – VIZ Media, […]

Warner Home Video Brings Charlie Brown and Rankin-Bass on Home Video for the Holidays

by Ed Liuon July 11, 2008
Warner Home Video has announced several new holiday-themed DVDs scheduled for release on October 7, 2008, including: A Charlie Brown Christmas Deluxe Edition A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Deluxe Edition Rankin-Bass’ Jack Frost (1979) Bonus features have not been released for these DVDs. In addition, a Peanuts Holiday Pack containing the deluxe editions of It’s the […]

Marvel Animation Age Posts 3 New Images from "Next Avengers" DTV

by Ed Liuon July 10, 2008
The Marvel Animation Age has received three screengrabs from the upcoming direct-to-video movie Next Avengers, inspired by the Avengers comic book franchise from Marvel. The screengrabs also came with information about the panel for the movie at San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July , 2008, at 8:30 PM in room 6A. The panel will […]