PR: Jennifer Coyle Discusses Debut of the Sinister Six in "Spectacular Spider-Man"

by Ed Liuon June 3, 2008
DIRECTOR JENNIFER COYLE DISCUSSES DEBUT OF THE SINISTER SIX IN AN ALL-NEW “THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN” EPISODE Jennifer Coyle has literally worn her love of Spider-Man for much of her adolescent and adult life – she went so far as to paint a huge Spidey on the back of her motorcycle jacket in her days growing […]

PR: DC Comics’ Senior Vice President Gregory Noveck Discusses "Batman Gotham Knight"

by Ed Liuon June 3, 2008
DC COMICS’ SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF CREATIVE AFFAIRS GREGORY NOVECK DISCUSSES “BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHT” DC Universe original animated movies are created by a unique collaboration between four diverse units within the Warner Bros. family – Warner Premiere, Warner Home Video, Warner Bros Animation and, the source of the characters and many of the stories, DC […]

The Mixed Nuts of "Fruits Basket"

by on June 2, 2008
Fruits Basket is a pretty good case study of what happens when you take a clever idea and push it around in a small circle for twenty-plus episodes. A series that is nearly magical in small doses becomes merely charming in larger ones, and slightly tedious before it ends. The series centers on Tohru Honda, […]

NY Times Examines Disney/Pixar Merger One Year Later

by Ed Liuon June 2, 2008
The New York Times examines how well the merger of Disney and Pixar has gone one year after the fact (free registration required). The article notes how well the merger has gone as compared to other large-scale corporate mergers, pointing to several techniques and practices to ease the integration of Pixar into the Disney fold. […]

"The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye" Vol 6’s Understated Ending

by Ed Liuon June 2, 2008
In its sixth volume of four episodes, The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye ends with more of a whisper than a bang. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does come as a bit of a surprise after the slam-bang thrill ride that was the previous volume. Still, this last set of […]

Toon Zone News Interview Series: "A Life in Voice Acting" with Bob Bergen (Part 2)

by Ed Liuon June 2, 2008
In part one of our interview with Bob Bergen, we followed his training as an actor, his careers as a tour guide for Universal Studios and as the host of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, and his approach to acting in the studio. In part two, below, we focus in on his roles as Porky Pig […]

Verizon Internet to Add Manga Entertainment Anime

by Weathermanon May 31, 2008
A new download-to-own service on the Verizon internet service called Starz Play will have access to over 3,000 Starz Entertainment titles including titles from Manga Entertainment as well as other Starz Entertainment properties like Anchor Bay. The plan will also include a live feed of the main Starz cable channel and will be available for […]

"Liberty’s Kids" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson May 31, 2008 reports that the PBS series Liberty’s Kids is coming to DVD in a 6-disc set from Shout! Factory. The show chronicles James, Sarah, and Henri, three kids who cover the American Revolution for Benjamin Franklin’s newspaper. The show features guest voices like Billy Crystal, Ben Stiller, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Whoopi Goldberg, and […]

New "Tinker Bell" Trailer and Video Clip Released

by Ed Liuon May 31, 2008
Disney has released a new trailer for the upcoming Tinker Bell direct-to-video animated movie, starring Mae Whitman as the title character and coming this October to DVD and Blu-ray disc: A separate video also features Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios chief creative officer John Lasseter introducing a clip from Tinker Bell. For full details […]

PR: Tinker Bell: All-New Movie on DVD and Blu-ray October 28, 2008

by Ed Liuon May 31, 2008
Walt Disney Pictures Gives a Voice to One of the World’s Most Beloved and Timeless Characters Tinker Bell An All-New Movie on Disney DVD and Blu-rayTM Hi-Def October 28 Reveals Tinker Bell’s Origins and the Magical Role of Fairies in Nature BURBANK, California, May 29, 2008 -For the first time in history, Tinker Bell, one […]