Viacom Sees Sales, Profit Surge

by on May 2, 2008
Net earnings at Nickelodeon-parent Viacom jumped 33% to $270 million in the first quarter of 2008, the company announced today. Sales rose 15% to $3.1 billion. First quarter revenues at the Media Networks division, which includes Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and TV Land, rose 16% to $2.0 billion, and operating income rose 15% to $694 million, […]

"SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next" Takes a Quirky, Experimental Journey

by Ed Liuon May 1, 2008
It doesn’t take very much time watching anime to realize that the Japanese are just more serious about animation than Americans are. From the incredibly wide breadth of subject manner to the innovations of technique, the Japanese seem much more willing to experiment with animation. Just as animators all over the world have had to […]

"Freedom" Vols. 1-5: Freedom Isn’t Free. In Fact, It’s Pretty Damn Expensive

by Ed Liuon May 1, 2008
If you were to ask me for the best places to find a solid, entertaining, and intelligently written hard science fiction series, an extended advertisement for the 35th anniversary of Nissin’s Cup Noodles would not end up anywhere on the list. However, the fact remains that Freedom, an animated mini-series from Japan, had its origins […]

Alan Burnett Aims at Deadshot in "Batman: Gotham Knight"

by on May 1, 2008
Long-time fans of Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and The Batman know Alan Burnett as one of the key players in the Dark Knight’s recent animated history. Burnett extends his association with the character in this summer’s upcoming DVD release Batman: Gotham Knight by penning the “Deadshot” segment and acting as story editor on […]

"Bakugan" Coming to DVD in August

by on May 1, 2008
Warner Home Video will release Bakugan Chapter 1: Battle Brawlers to DVD on August 26, the company said today. The single-disc release will carry five episodes (“The Battle Begins”; “The Masquerade Ball”; “A Feud Between Friends”; “Dan and Drago”; and “Runo Rules!”) with an English soundtrack and subtitles. It will retail for $14.98. [Source: Warner […]

PR: Alan Burnett Discusses "Batman: Gotham Knight"

by on May 1, 2008
Alan Burnett has spent more consecutive years “in the Batcave” than anyone in animation history. Deadshot readies to fire on Batman during their battle inside a subway tunnel in “Batman Gotham Knight.” Not counting his stint on “Super Friends” in 1983, Burnett has constantly helped bring the Batman’s legacy to animation since 1991 – when […]

PR: Peter MacNicol on Being Doc Ock

by on May 1, 2008
The next time you drop the “I’m too busy” excuse for some undone deed, consider the career of Peter MacNicol. Over the past year, MacNicol could be found pulling the unheard-of simultaneous double duty as a core cast member in two hit primetime television series – “24” and “Numb3rs” – and was still able to […]

"Aria" Coming to DVD September 30

by on May 1, 2008
RightStuf will release Aria: The Animation Season One to DVD on September 30, company said today. The release will feature 13 episodes with Japanese audio and English-language subtitles. It will retail for $49.99; RightStuf is offering it through their website for $37.49. Read the full press release here.

Briefly: Big Shows, New Shoes, and New Shows

by Ed Liuon May 1, 2008
* On May 17, 2008, the Vancouver Art Gallery will be opening KRAZY! an exhibition dedicated to the art of anime, comics, and video games. The exhibition will run until September 7, 2008. [Cartoon Brew] * Payless ShoeSource will market a new line of Blue’s Clues-themed footwear under a multi-year licensing deal with Nickelodeon. [World […]

DVDTalk Interviews "Shin Chan" Writers

by Ed Liuon May 1, 2008
The DVDTalk website has interviewed Jared Hedges, Joel Bergen and Alex Muniz, the writers who translate FUNimation’s Shin Chan into English for DVD and broadcast on Adult Swim. The trio discuss how they got the job to write Shin Chan, how they approach writing the episodes, how they overcame some of the more difficult jokes […]