"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Season 5 on 8/7/07

by Dr. Daedaluson July 8, 2007
The fifth season of 1987’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes to DVD on 8/7/07. The 3-disc set will contain all 18 episodes from season 5 (1991), and will also contain three featurettes: “Heroes in a Half Shell” (featurette on the TMNT Phenomenon) and “Inside the Turtle Shell” (character portraits of Donatello and Evil Splinter). [Source: […]

R.I.P. Will Schaefer (1928-2007)

by Dr. Daedaluson July 8, 2007
Will Schaefer, a prolific composer whose work has been heard in numerous TV shows, passed away on June 30, 2007 at the age of 78. His work can be heard in The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, as well as live action, including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Gunsmoke, I Dream of […]

"Rumbling Hearts" Flatlines At The Finish Line

by Chad Boninon July 8, 2007
Haruka has slipped back into her coma, having faced a world that is not like the one she left: Her younger sister is in high school, and her best friend, Mitsuki, who no longer does competitive swimming, is dating her boyfriend, Takayuki. Faced with all this, and the fact that she has slept through three […]

Starz Entertainment licenses "Straight Jacket" OVA (Corrected)

by Weathermanon July 6, 2007
Starz Entertianment, via their Manga Entertainment divsion, has announce that they have licensed the Straight Jacket 3 part OVA. Based on a series of light novels, the show will be airing in Japan in April 2008 and will be hitting DVD in the US in July of 2008. Starz has also confirmed that they will […]

"Karin" Vol. 1: Blood: The Last Nosebleed

by Dr. Daedaluson July 6, 2007
Remember Lisa Simpson’s throw-away theory of “reverse vampires”? A whole anime has now been based on that premise; I’m only surprised it hasn’t been attempted before. There are plenty of vampire animes, but not many use this refreshing scenario, and even fewer use vampires in a comedy. Karin Maaka is the reverse vampire, a high […]

Sing Ho! For the Friendship Edition DVD of a Pooh Bear

by Ed Liuon July 5, 2007
If you had asked a well-read British person before the 1920s what A.A. Milne would be remembered for, odds are good that the reply would involve his plays and writing for Punch magazine. You would probably be met with laughter if you’d said Milne’s enduring gift to Western Civilization would be a Silly Old Bear […]

ADV Films Announces "Kaleido Star: New Wings" Thinpak & More "Ultramaiden Valkyrie"

by Dr. Daedaluson July 3, 2007
In a press release today, ADV Films announced that the second half of Kaleido Star, titled “New Wings” in the U.S., will be released in thinpak form just like the first half of the series. Kaleido Star: New Wings True Star Collection will be released on 9/4/07 and priced at $59.98. Its running time is […]

Season 1 of "Billy & Mandy" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson July 3, 2007 reports that Season 1 of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy will be out on September 18th. The 2 disc set contains all 13 episodes from season 1 as well as these special features: “Behind the Fiends” Featurette with creator Maxwell Atoms Mandyisms Burp-O-Rama Skar-O-Vision “BRAINS” Music Video Mr. Snuggles: Virtual Pet Evil […]

AX: Media Blasters Announces "Dragon Destiny", "Strawberry Panic", "Otoboku"

by Dr. Daedaluson July 2, 2007
At Anime Expo 2007, Media Blasters announced the following new anime acquisitions: * Genshiken OAV, a 2006 three-episode sequel to the 2004 comedy series concerning otaku. It will be getting a dub. * Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny, a 2007 sequel to the 2003 martial arts series from J.C. Staff. The 12-episode series was animated by […]

25 Minutes with "Negadon" Beats Two Hours With a Green Ogre

by Benon July 2, 2007
The tone for Negadon: The Monster From Mars is set early, when the words “Showa 100” (indicating the year 2025) flash across the screen. The Japanese number their years according to the current emperor’s reign. We’re now in the Heisei era, but the reign of Emperor Hirohito, which encompassed the years 1926 to 1989, was […]