Nick Jr. to Air "Dora" Special

by on February 28, 2008
Nick Jr. will air two new episodes of Dora the Explorer back-to-back under the title “Dora Undercover Spies,” the network announced yesterday. The adventure, which has Dora and Boots trying to stop Swiper the Fox from stealing Tico the Squirrel’s birthday presents and Isa the Iguana’s cupcakes, will premiere on Friday, March 14, at 12:00pm […]

Briefly: "Trigun" Movie Coming in 2009; "Dragon Hunters" Bows Theatrically

by on February 28, 2008
* Trigun the Movie will get a theatrical release in Japan sometime in 2009. [Anime News Network] * Dragon Hunters, a feature film spin-off of the French animated series, will get its world premiere at Cartoon Movie, the European co-production forum, in early March. [” target=”_blank”>Variety] * Worldwide distribution rights to the CGI/live-action mix Captain […]

"Pokemon," "Bakugan" Deliver Strong Ratings for Cartoon Network

by on February 28, 2008
The back-to-back premiere of two Bakugan episodes delivered strong ratings to Cartoon Network, the studio said earlier this week. The 9:00pm telecast of the new series drew 788,000 kids viewers in the 6-11 demographic, and among boys in that demo the episode beat programming on Disney. Viewership of the 9:30pm broadcast, however, dropped to 597,000. […]

"Justice League: The New Frontier": The Brave and the Bold and the Little Bit Bonkers

by on February 28, 2008
Justice League: The New Frontier opens with two of the loveliest animated sequences ever glimpsed outside a Brad Bird film. In the prologue an unseen artist paints and narrates a spooky tale about the rise and incipient return of the monstrous “Centre.” The colors are bold but perhaps slightly divergent from the usual primaries; the […]

"Justice League: The New Frontier": Flawed, but Strong and of Good Courage

by Ed Liuon February 28, 2008
It’s hard to walk into an adaptation of one of your favorite books with the full expectation that your favorite scene isn’t going to be in it. Such was the problem I faced when spinning up Justice League: The New Frontier, the direct-to-video adaptation of Darwyn Cooke’s graphic novel DC: The New Frontier. Attempting to […]

Media Blasters Announces New May Titles Including "Beast King GoLion"

by SB20xxon February 27, 2008
Media Blasters will debut Beast King GoLion (aka Voltron) vol. 1 on 5/27/08 for $34.99. It runs 396 minutes. In collection news, both Kirameki Project and Mirage of Blaze will be getting complete collections. Kirameki will be released on 5/6/08 for $19.99, and Blaze will be released on 5/20/08 for $34.99. In addition, volume 2 […]

"Justice League" Flying Again

by on February 27, 2008
Warner Bros. on-again, off-again Justice League movie is officially back “on” again, Variety reports. The studio is still aiming for a 2009 release. Cast options connected to the picture had expired, but no changes appear to be in the works. Adam Brody will play the Flash; Rapper Common plays Green Lantern; Armie Hammer Jr. is […]

Voltron Fans Can Order "Fleet of Doom" on Amazon

by Dan Collinson February 27, 2008
Great news for Voltron fans. The Voltron animated movie “Fleet of Doom” can now be ordered on The feature length movie features the “Lion Force” and “Vehicle Force” versions of Voltron stopping a new armada of Viceroy Throk and King Zarkon. The DVD is limited to 1000 copies. The DVDs will be shipped on […]

"Shuffle" Vol. 1: Shuffling in My Seat From Restlessness

by SB20xxon February 26, 2008
Shuffle is pretty. It’s got a bunch of girls who are appealing and well-drawn. True, they all wear the same uniform, but you can tell them apart by the way they move, how they style or color their hair, or wear ribbons. Okay, if it sounds like I’m digging deep to find something good to […]

"Imagination" Getting DVD Release

by on February 26, 2008
Vanguard Cinema International has released Imagination to DVD, AWN reports. The live-action/animated feature is about a child neuro-psychologist whose reality begins to warp after beginning to treat twin sisters with Asperger’s Syndrome. It will retail for $19.95.