Briefly: Iranian Animator at Dartmouth; Chinese Animator in Financial Times

by Ed Liuon June 4, 2009
* Iranian animator Noori Zarrinkelk, considered the “father of Iranian animation,” visited the Dartmouth college campus at the end of May. Zarrinkelk last visited the campus during the Iran-Iraq War in 1986; his visit was to screen five of his films and two more from contemporary Iranian animators. [] * The Financial Times has profiled […]

Comic Strip Cat Heathcliff Making a Move for Animation

by Ed Liuon June 4, 2009
Variety is stating that Magic Lantern Entertainment has entered into a joint agreement with FitzRoy Media to bring the comic strip cat Heathcliff to the big and small screen, with the potential for direct-to-DVD animated movies or a live-action movie with a CGI cat akin to the Garfield movies. A direct-to-DVD movie is currently targeted […]

More "Up" Interviews Around the Web

by Ed Liuon June 4, 2009
Several new interviews about Disney/Pixar’s Up have hit the Internet in the wake of the movie’s successful debut weekend: Up writer, co-director, and voice of Dug the dog Bob Peterson spoke briefly with the Washington Post about the movie, the creative environment at Pixar, and moving from a daily comic strip writer/artist in college to […]

Michael Madsen Discusses Voicing Kilowog in "Green Lantern: First Flight"

by Ed Liuon June 4, 2009
Warner Home Video has released another press release interview to promote Green Lantern: First Flight, the upcoming direct-to-video animated movie coming on July 28, 2009. This time, actor Michael Madsen speaks candidly about playing the role of Kilowog, giant alien Green Lantern and friend to Hal Jordan. Among other topics, Madsen discusses what aspects of […]

"Inspector Gadget: The Go Go Gadget Collection" Coming in September

by Classic Speedyon June 4, 2009
On 9/8/09, Fox Home Entertainment plans to release Inspector Gadget: The Go Go Gadget Collection, a best-of release which will contain the following episodes of the 1983 animated series on a double-sided DVD: Side A: * Ep. 28: The Coo-Coo Clock Caper * Ep. 30: The Japanese Connection * Ep. 41: Pirate Island * Ep. […]

"Karin: The Complete Series": Unvampire Show Sires Smiles

by Karl Olsonon June 4, 2009
A short summary of Karin sounds like something Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force might tell Meatwad: “She’s a unvampire! Her bite injects blood in you, and you feel better because of it.” However, from that seemingly silly premise comes a surprisingly endearing romantic comedy. Karin Maaka would seem to be your usual Japanese school […]

Bandai Entertainment Announces New August Titles Including "Sola"

by Classic Speedyon June 3, 2009
A few new DVDs from Bandai Entertainment are coming in August: * .hackhttps://G.U. Trilogy (Subtitled only): 8/18/09 – 131 min. – $19.98 * Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1 Part 2: 8/4/09 – 200 min. – $39.98/$49.98 (Special Edition) * Sola Complete Collection (Subtitled only): 8/18/09 – $44.98 [Source: RightStuf ]

ADV Films Announces New August Titles Including Three Geneon Re-issues

by Classic Speedyon June 3, 2009
In addition to the three Geneon license rescues, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, Destiny of the Shrine Maiden, and Dokkoida!? (which was previously reported), ADV and Sentai Filmworks also announced other August DVD releases today: * Darkside Blues (Re-issue): 8/18/09 – $14.98 * Mahoromatic Full Metal Maid Collection (Seasons 1 & 2): 8/4/09 – $49.98 […]

Pixar Delivers Another "Up"-Lifting Movie Experience

by Eileen Cruzon June 2, 2009
Pixar has a history of delivering movies that have a solid story to go along with their equally solid visuals. With every film the studio puts out comes an expectation—and for some people perhaps even a desire—to see them fail. They’ll have to keep on waiting. Up provides that same level of visual quality, and […]

Sentai/ADV Announces "Daphne," "Destiny," and "Dokkoida?!"

by Ed Liuon June 2, 2009
Sentai Filmworks has announced the acquisition of three new anime properties: the undersea adventure Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, the mecha series Destiny of the Shrine Maiden, and the superhero comedy Dokkoida?! Each of the DVD sets will be released in August 2009. The full press release follows, detailing plot synopses, disc counts, release dates, […]