More "9" News Around the Web

by Ed Liuon September 11, 2009
More news about Shane Acker’s feature film 9 are appearing throughout the Internet: Animation director Joe Ksander discusseed the challenges of bringing 9’s dolls to life in CGI animation, especially considering the much lower budget of the movie compared to the average Disney/Pixar or DreamWorks feature film. [] Elsewhere, Ksander talks about how he met […]

Pixar in Venice News Roundup: Lifetime Achievement Award, Oscars, and Toy Story 3-D

by Ed Liuon September 9, 2009
Several news stories have emerged from the appearance of John Lasseter and several key members of Pixar Animation Studios at the Venice Film Festival: Lasseter and Pixar were awarded the Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award (presented by George Lucas) for their contributions to the world of film. Lasseter commented to reporters that “We really set out […]

Luxo Suing Disney/Pixar Over Lamp in "Up" Blu-ray Limited Edition

by Ed Liuon September 7, 2009
The Norwegian lamp maker Luxo has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Pixar Animation Studios and the Walt Disney Company for a lamp that is planned to be included in a limited edition Up Blu-ray set. The lamp is of the “Luxo Jr” character, who has been the corporate mascot for Pixar since 1986 when […]

New "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" Screenshots Released

by Ed Liuon September 5, 2009
Warner Bros. Animation has released six new screenshots from Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, the upcoming direct-to-video animated movie based on the graphic novel by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge to full-size, high-definition resolution. Under direction from U.S. President Lex Luthor, Captain Atom leads the pursuit of the Man of Steel […]

Toon Zone Interviews Voice Acting Legend Jim Cummings on "The Tigger Movie"

by on September 2, 2009
If you’ve watched cartoons on TV or in the movies or played video games since the late 1980’s, odds are you’ve heard Jim Cummings’ work at least a dozen times. One of the busiest voice-over actors working today, Cummings has amassed a vast volume of cartoon, animated feature and video game voice work since he […]

Disney Releases 6-Minute Clip from "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure"

by Ed Liuon September 1, 2009
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has released a video clip of the first six minutes of Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, the next direct-to-video animated movie starring the famous fairy from Peter Pan: Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on October 27, 2009. For more details, read […]

Disney and Marvel: A Primer

by on September 1, 2009
Well, that certainly came out of nowhere. In a blockbuster deal announced on Monday, The Walt Disney Company announced plans to purchase Marvel Entertainment in a deal worth $4 billion in cash and stock. That means Howard the Duck and Donald Duck are now brothers, and Disney now gets to finally create that Champions movie […]

Cartoon Brew Hosts Behind-the-Scenes Look at "The Princess & the Frog"

by Ed Liuon August 27, 2009
Cartoon Brew TV is hosting a special behind-the-scenes look at Disney’s upcoming animated feature film The Princess and the Frog, focusing on the development of the character Dr. Facilier, the villain of the movie. The film includes animator Bruce Smith, actor Keith David, and directors John Musker and Ron Clements: <object width="480" height="400" id="cfec8c9oi" name="cfec8c9on" […]

Briefly: Terry Gilliam @ Pixar?; "Gavin & Stacey" Star Animated Role

by Ed Liuon August 27, 2009
– In a video interview with /FILM, director Terry Gilliam noted that he “would sweep the floors” to work at Pixar Animation Studios. [via MTV Movies Blog] – Ruth Jones, writer and star of the BBC sitcom Gavin and Stacey, will narrate a new pre-school animated series Igam Ogam as “a posh pterodactyl.” [Wales Online]

"Pete’s Dragon" High Flying Edition DVD: The Real Heat’s in the Extras

by Ed Liuon August 26, 2009
It’s not hard to deduce some things from the way a home video release is packaged. Skimpy or non-existent extras usually indicate that a movie is being released on the cheap, maximizing profits by minimizing costs with the expectation that the movie won’t be a top-seller. Interactive games are a dead-giveaway that the primary audience […]