Andrew Stanton Confirms Writing "John Carter of Mars" Film Adaptation

by Ed Liuon June 9, 2008 and the Pixar Blog have both confirmed with Pixar’s Andrew Stanton that he is currently writing a live-action film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars. This is the first confirmation on the record of long-standing rumors that Pixar was working on a live-action adaptation of the famous science fiction novel (see […]

Toon Zone Throwdown Round 1: Top 5 Bare-Knuckle Brawls

by Ed Liuon June 9, 2008
Here at Toon Zone News, we firmly believe that non-violent solutions to Real World problems are the ones that should be actively sought out and implemented. These solutions are harder to do, but if done correctly, they will tend to be more permanent, resulting in less ancillary suffering of innocent bystanders and more long-term happiness […]

"Kung Fu Panda" Interviews with Jack Black and Co-Dirs Osborne and Stevenson

by Ed Liuon June 5, 2008
Interviews and profiles are proliferating in advance of DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda, which opens this Friday, June 6, 2008. Newsarama’s Animated Shorts has interviewed Mark Osborne and John Stevenson, the co-directors of Kung Fu Panda. Among other topics, the pair discuss the difficulties of animating Jack Black’s panda character, adapting martial arts fighting styles […]

NY Times Examines Disney/Pixar Merger One Year Later

by Ed Liuon June 2, 2008
The New York Times examines how well the merger of Disney and Pixar has gone one year after the fact (free registration required). The article notes how well the merger has gone as compared to other large-scale corporate mergers, pointing to several techniques and practices to ease the integration of Pixar into the Disney fold. […]

Toon Zone News Interview Series: "A Life in Voice Acting" with Bob Bergen (Part 2)

by Ed Liuon June 2, 2008
In part one of our interview with Bob Bergen, we followed his training as an actor, his careers as a tour guide for Universal Studios and as the host of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, and his approach to acting in the studio. In part two, below, we focus in on his roles as Porky Pig […]

New "Tinker Bell" Trailer and Video Clip Released

by Ed Liuon May 31, 2008
Disney has released a new trailer for the upcoming Tinker Bell direct-to-video animated movie, starring Mae Whitman as the title character and coming this October to DVD and Blu-ray disc: A separate video also features Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios chief creative officer John Lasseter introducing a clip from Tinker Bell. For full details […]

PR: Tinker Bell: All-New Movie on DVD and Blu-ray October 28, 2008

by Ed Liuon May 31, 2008
Walt Disney Pictures Gives a Voice to One of the World’s Most Beloved and Timeless Characters Tinker Bell An All-New Movie on Disney DVD and Blu-rayTM Hi-Def October 28 Reveals Tinker Bell’s Origins and the Magical Role of Fairies in Nature BURBANK, California, May 29, 2008 -For the first time in history, Tinker Bell, one […]

Toon Zone News Interview Series: "A Life in Voice Acting" with Bob Bergen (Part 1)

by Ed Liuon May 30, 2008
“A Life in Voice Acting” will be a semi-regular interview series at Toon Zone News, digging into the lives and techniques of the actors who primarily make their living providing voices for our favorite animated cartoon characters. As far back as he can remember, Bob Bergen wanted to be Porky Pig. However, rather than just […]

"Baldr Force EXE:" The World is Virtual, the Suck is Real

by Ed Liuon May 27, 2008
The first five minutes or so of Baldr Force EXE are clever, tense, fast-paced, and tremendously effective. Four members of a police force known as FLAK have been dropped into a virtual reality world, embodying themselves in giant, heavily armed robot mechs to investigate a mysterious mass murder. The team is ambushed and exterminated by […]

Film & Video Interviews Nina Paley on "Sita Sings the Blues"

by Ed Liuon May 27, 2008
The Film & Video website has posted an interview with independent animator Nina Paley about her film Sita Sings the Blues, which tells the parallel tales of The Ramayana and her own painful breakup with her husband. The interview digs into many technical details on the production of the movie and the many problems that […]