DreamWorks Has Second Thoughts on Release Strategy

by on February 25, 2011
A recent article in The Hollywood Reporter states that Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg may be backtracking on the studio’s current output plan of three films a year on a biennial basis. While the plan remains in place through 2012, Katzenberg said that the company will play it by ear from that point on. The […]

"All-Star Superman": This Star Burns Twice as Bright

by Ed Liuon February 25, 2011
Conventional wisdom says that Superman isn’t as popular as Batman because he’s too powerful and too perfect, and thus audiences can’t sympathize or identify with him the same way they can identify with the definitively human Batman. I think this argument is a big steaming load. If one accepts the conventional criticism that superhero comics […]

DreamWorks in Another Legal Battle Over "Kung Fu Panda"

by on February 22, 2011
A recent story in the Hollywood Reporter states that DreamWorks Animation is engaged in yet another round of litigation over the 2008 hit film Kung Fu Panda. An artist by the name of Jayme Gordon claims that he submitted a similar proposal for a martial arts film featuring a panda protagonist multiple times at The […]

Toonzone Interviews Peter S. Beagle on the Blu-ray Release of "The Last Unicorn"

by Todd DuBoison February 22, 2011
An award-winning writer and fantasy novelist, Peter S. Beagle has created an impressive and growing body of work since his first novel was published in 1960. Among his creations are the novels A Fine and Private Place and Tamsin, the screenplay for Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 adaptation of The Lord of the Rings and the episode […]

Fox Animation Studios To Adapt "Ferdinand"

by on February 18, 2011
A recent report by Vulture states that Fox Animation Studios has recently acquired the rights to The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson. The tale of the pacifist bull is reportedly being directed by Carlos Saldanha who has previously helmed all three Ice Age films and the upcoming Rio.

Washington Post Interviews Sylvain Chomet on "The Illusionist"

by Ed Liuon February 18, 2011
The Washington Post‘s Comic Riffs weblog has interviewed French animation director Sylvain Chomet on his latest movie, The Illusionist, now in a limited US theatrical run and one of three contenders for a Best Animated Feature Academy Award (alongside Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon). Among other topics, Chomet discusses how famed […]

Cars DTV Spinoff "Planes" Announced; "Toy Story" Characters Returning in Short Films

by Ed Liuon February 17, 2011
Variety reports that, a direct-to-video movie spinning off from Disney/Pixar’s Cars, with a slated release date of Spring 2013. The movies will be produced by DisneyToon Studios, which also produces the Tinker Bell direct-to-video movies. The same article also notes that the Toy Story characters will return to the big screen in 2 new […]

Hollywood Reporter Interviews Michel Ocelot @ Berlin

by Ed Liuon February 17, 2011
The Hollywood Reporter has interviewed French animation director Michel Ocelot (Kirikou and the Sorceress) at the 61st Annual Berlin International Film Festival, where his newest film Tales of the Night will be the first 3-D animated movie to screen in that venerable festival’s competition. Among other topics, Ocelot discusses the inspirations for his movies, the […]

"Cars" Passes $8 Billion in Sales; Cast and Crew Discuss "Cars 2"

by Ed Liuon February 17, 2011
The Hollywood Reporter reports that Disney/Pixar’s Cars has passed the billion mark in global retail sales, which breaks out to over 200 million die-cast cars sold so far among the other licensed merchandise for the movie. The article also talks with John Lasseter (director of Cars and Cars 2, and current Chief Creative Officer for […]