Toys for Tots Launches "Toy Story 3" Drive

by on June 4, 2010
Toys for Tots will kick off a summer-long toy drive this season in conjunction with Toy Story 3, organizers say. The drive, which is being coordinated with Disney/Pixar, will collect unwrapped toys and distribute them to disadvantaged children. The goal is to surpass the 16.3 million toys, books and gifts raised in 2009. Participating cities […]

Toonzone Presents New "Toy Story 3" Video: "Groovin’ with Ken!"

by Ed Liuon June 3, 2010
Disney/Pixar has released a new promotional video for Toy Story 3, slated to hit theaters on June 18, 2010. “Groovin’ with Ken!” gives an intimate behind-the-scenes look at what life is like for the popular girls’ boys’ toy. BOYS’ toy. I don’t know why people keep saying that about Ken. Toy Story 3 will be […]

"Wired" on the Making of "Toy Story 3"

by Ed Liuon May 30, 2010
Wired has posted the text of their June 2010 magazine cover story on how Pixar made Toy Story 3. The article covers the approach Pixar takes on making their movies, the collaborative atmosphere that will take criticism from all staffers regardless of their position in the company, and some specific commentary from director Lee Unkrich, […]

Briefly: Oldman Joins "Kung Fu Panda 2"

by on May 24, 2010
* Gary Oldman has joined the cast of Kung Fu Panda 2. [The Hollywood Reporter] * Jon Dunleavy and Keith Wilson-Singer’s “Crash! Bang! Wallow?” has won the National Film Board of Canada’s sixth annual Cannes short film contest. [Animation Magazine] * Pixar’s Jim Morris will give a keynote presentation at SIGGRAPH 2010. Morris is general […]

"Batman: Under the Red Hood" Website Open

by Ed Liuon May 24, 2010
The official website for the Batman: Under the Red Hood DTV has been opened officially at The site currently includes the trailer for the movie, an image gallery, and a blurb about the “Jonah Hex” short film to be included on the DVD and Blu-ray disc. The site will be updated over the summer […]

"Public Enemies": Suspense Goes South by Southwest

by on May 24, 2010
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies comes to the small screen with all of the snap and dazzle we’ve grown to expect from the Warner/DC direct-to-DVD product line, and in a few quiet moments it even dares to drop the usual biff-bam-pow stuff for some interesting character interplay. But professionalism can only take things so far, and as […]

Toonzone Presents a "Look on the Sunnyside" of "Toy Story 3" Video

by Ed Liuon May 21, 2010
Walt Disney Features and Pixar have released a new behind-the-scenes look at Toy Story 3, the latest movie in Pixar’s movie franchise that follows the secret life of toys which come to life when nobody’s looking. The following video takes a look at the Sunnyside Day Care Center, where Andy’s toys end up due to […]

"Blade of the Phantom Master" Is Style Without Sense

by Ed Liuon May 20, 2010
The title character of Blade of the Phantom Master doesn’t actually carry or use any blades, opting instead for guns, dynamite, and magical soldiers from beyond the grave. The title seems to identify a supporting character who gets about a dozen lines and is little more than a plot device, deus ex machina, or fan […]

Pixar Cancels "Newt"

by on May 14, 2010
Pixar has cancelled its Newt, one of its previously announced upcoming films, The Pixar Blog reports, citing an email from a Walt Disney Company representative. The CG-animated feature, to be directed by Gary Rydstrom, director of the short film “Lifted,” was about a forced romance between the last remaining male and female blue-footed newts. The […]