Henry Selick Signs with Disney to Make Stop-Motion Movies

by Ed Liuon April 1, 2010
Variety is reporting that Henry Selick has signed a deal to return to the Walt Disney Company to make stop-motion animated movies for Disney/Pixar. Selick will establish a studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, putting him in close proximity to Pixar’s Emeryville, CA studio, and plans to “write and direct features based on both […]

LA Times on "The Secret of Kells"

by Ed Liuon April 1, 2010
The Los Angeles Times has taken a look at The Secret of Kells (free registration required). The article, which contains some small spoilers for the movie, digs into the movie’s visual and thematic inspirations from the actual Book of Kells and some other old Irish folktales and legends. It also includes a quote from Pixar’s […]

LA Times on Animated Features’ Critical vs. Box Office Success

by Ed Liuon March 31, 2010
The Los Angeles Times has compared the box-office success of several recent animated films vs. the critical reaction to them, noting that box office receipts “tend to favor the lesser movies.” As examples, the article cites the successful but panned Shrek sequels vs. movies like Coraline or Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit that […]

CBR Talks with Nina Paley on "Sita Sings the Blues"

by Ed Liuon March 30, 2010
Comic Book Resources has spoken with Nina Paley about her film Sita Sings the Blues, which mixes her own life with the Indian epic The Ramayana set to a soundtrack with songs by blues singer Annette Hanshaw. Among other topics, Paley discusses the “soul crushing” work doing the syndicated comic strip Fluff, how she self-taught […]

"Toy Story 1 and 2": As Good as They Were in ’95 and ’99

by Dr. Daedaluson March 30, 2010
Toy Story was a groundbreaking film when it debuted in 1995. Being the first computer animated feature film, it stood out and gave us a glimpse what was possible, and created numerous new animation jobs here in the U.S. Obviously, CG animation has progressed by leaps and bounds since 1995. Wouldn’t Toy Story look dated […]

Expanded Pixar Exhibition to Open at Oakland Museum of California in July 2010

by Ed Liuon March 29, 2010
An expanded version of the “Pixar: 25 Years of Animation” exhibition will open at the Oakland Museum of California from July 31, 2010 to January 9, 2011. The exhibit, which launched in 2005 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City (read Toonzone’s review of the original show here) will show art and […]

"How to Train Your Dragon" News Article Roundup (UPDATED March 29, 2010)

by Ed Liuon March 29, 2010
Several articles on DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon are around the web in advance of its premiere tomorrow, March 26, 2010: Comic Book Resources covers a press conference on the film attended by co-director Dean DeBlois, author of the original novel Cressida Cowell, and producer Bonnie Arnold. Among the topics discussed are the […]

"How to Train Your Dragon" Flies to Top of Box Office with $43.3M Weekend

by Ed Liuon March 29, 2010
In its debut weekend, DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon took the top spot at the box office with an estimated .3 million in ticket sales. However, the amount represents a 27% drop from last year’s $59.3 million take for Monsters vs. Aliens on the same weekend, which is triggering concern among Hollywood analysts […]

"How to Train Your Dragon": Slap It Hard on the Nose

by Maxie Zeuson March 29, 2010
I’d sure like to think that all the nasty things I’ve said over the years about DreamWorks Animation and its pseudo-entertainments have shamed its employees into finally doing better. Of course, I must reluctantly admit that I’m not important enough for them to have noticed me, let alone to have started taking cues from my […]

Yahoo! Movies Hosts "MegaMind" Trailer

by Ed Liuon March 26, 2010
Yahoo! Movies has posted the trailer for DreamWorks Animation’s MegaMind: The site also features a high-definition version. The movie is slated for release on November 5, 2010.