"Toy Story 3" Takes $110.3M in Debut Weekend; News Article Roundup

In its debut weekend, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3 took in $110.3 million to win the box office race well ahead of the #2 contender (Sony’s remake of The Karate Kid, which took $29.9 million). The ticket sales are also sizeably above Pixar’s previous best-launch (The Incredibles, which took in $70.5 million in its opening weekend), […]

"Toy Story 3": Sweet to Threepeat

The third installment is always the one that never seems to really work for a film franchise. Outside of stand-alones like Goldfinger and adaptations like Return of the King, I can’t think of a single “third movie” that didn’t disappoint. Even The Godfather couldn’t pull it off. So let it be known that Toy Story […]

Toonzone Presents 5 More "Toy Story 3" Video Clips

Disney/Pixar has released 5 new video clips from Toy Story 3, playing now in theaters. Welcome to Sunnyside Made for Each Other Playtime Tea Party “To Reset Your Buzz Lightyear…” Toy Story 3 is in theaters now. Check out some of Toonzone News’ other Toy Story 3 videos and news below: Toonzone Presents “Toy Story […]

Toonzone Chats with Brad Raymond & Helen Kalafatic on Next "Tinker Bell" DTV Movie

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, the next direct-to-video movie in Disney’s Tinker Bell franchise, is due out on September 21, 2010, but Toonzone News was able to sit in on a virtual roundtable session with director Bradley Raymond and producer Helen Kalafatic. Bradley Raymond’s career began at Don Bluth Productions, where he was […]

LAT: Has Pixar Contracted Sequelitis?

Is Pixar becoming too sequel-oriented? That’s the question that the Los Angeles Times teases in a thumbsucker article. The paper notes that this Friday’s highly anticipated Toy Story 3 will be followed by sequels to Cars and Monsters Inc., and that a brand-new Pixar feature won’t hit theaters until 2012. The writers also gesture at […]

"Mary and Max" Blu-ray Is a Truffle of the Finest Bittersweet Chocolate

With Mary and Max and his Oscar-winning short film “Harvie Krumpet,” writer and director Adam Elliot can stand proudly with modern-day stop-motion masters like Nick Park and Henry Selick. The animation of Mary and Max is gorgeous and expressive, giving Mary an endearing awkwardness that never quite disappears as she goes from child to adult […]

NY Times: Hollywood Hopes "Toy Story 3" Will Kickstart Summer Movie Season

The New York Times covers this year’s disappointing summer movie season and the hopes that Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3 will be the first true summer blockbuster (free registration required). This year has been marked by several high profile, big-budget disappointments like Prince of Persia and Robin Hood, while the only 3-D summer movie has been […]

Toonzone Presents 5 New "Toy Story 3" Video Clips

Disney/Pixar has released five new video clips in promotion of the upcoming release of Toy Story 3. In the first three, Ken offers up some of his best dating tips for the modern bachelor. The last two go into the new cast members joining the Toy Story pantheon, and also the old toys that have […]

Toonzone Presents New "Toy Story 3" Video: "The Great Escape"

Disney/Pixar has released another promotional video for Toy Story 3, focusing on the turn of events that drives the plot of the movie: the accident that sends Andy’s gang of toys to the Sunnyside Day Care Center: Toy Story 3 will be released on June 18, 2010. Check out some of Toonzone News’ other Toy […]

Randy Newman Gets Hollywood "Walk of Fame" Star

The Associated Press reports that composer Randy Newman was honored with a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week. Newman film soundtracks have been nominated for numerous awards, many for his work on Disney and Pixar animated movies. He won the Best Original Song Academy Award in 2002 for Monsters Inc.‘s “If I […]

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