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Toons of the 2000s: The End of Broadcast Kids TV – Part 2

by Matthew Williamson November 14, 2009
You are reading Part 2 of The End of Broadcast Kids TV. Part 1 | 2 | 3 | Go back to the Toons of the 2000s Intro. Kids’ WB: That’s All Folks? Things looked rosier over at Kids’ WB, thanks mostly to the ongoing success of Pokemon, the resources of Warner Bros. Animation, and the general oversight of WB Network boss Jamie […]

Toons of the 2000s: The End of Broadcast Kids TV – Part 1

by Matthew Williamson November 13, 2009
You are reading Part 1 of The End of Broadcast Kids TV. Part 1 | 2 | 3 | Go back to the Toons of the 2000s Intro. If I turn on my local CW station at 7am, I’ll see their local news. If I turn on the local MyNetwork station at 3pm, I’ll see Maury telling some poor soul he’s the father. […]

Toons of the 2000s: Top 5 Animated Features

by Radical Ravenon November 13, 2009
 Go back to the Toons of the 2000s Intro.    This has been a great decade for animated features. Mainstream acceptance of animation has greatly expanded, with a majority of films that would have been ignored in the 70s and 80s getting wide theatrical releases and heavy commercial and critical attention. A lot of this attention […]

Parents Upset at "Glenn Martin, DDS" on Nickelodeon

by Ed Liuon November 12, 2009
The St. Petersburg Times reports that many parents are upset at Nickelodeon for airing Glenn Martin, DDS on the main Nickelodeon channel as early as 8:00 PM, meaning younger children will go from the silly antics of SpongeBob SquarePants to sex jokes and cartoon violence of Glenn Martin. A spokesperson for Nickelodeon stated that the […]

"Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure": Seasonal Lessons, Sweetly Told

by Maxie Zeuson November 9, 2009
You know, I have to admit it: Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure is actually pretty good. Now, before you accuse me of going all soft and gooey on account the Christmas theme, I’ll just thank you to click over and read this little notice; does that sound like the work of a man ready to roll […]

"SpongeBob: The First 100 Episodes" Is Absorbant, Yellow, Porous Nostalgia

by Leviathanon November 7, 2009
Its been interesting to watch SpongeBob SquarePants blossom into a bona fide cultural force. When it first aired, the show’s quirky humor and endearing characters came as a relief at a time when Pokémon dominated Saturday mornings, Disney was on the decline, and Nickelodeon seemed determined to greenlight every piece of ugly, poorly written trash […]

"SpongeBob" and "Fanboy": Familiarity, Meet Contempt

by Maxie Zeuson November 6, 2009
When you’ve been making SpongeBob SquarePants cartoons for ten years, I suppose it’s okay if you start phoning it in. And since anniversary specials are almost never all that special, I don’t guess there’s anything wrong when you decide to goof off instead of making one. Okay, obviously I don’t know that the makers of […]

Corus Kids Announces December 2009 Programming Highlights

by Ed Liuon November 5, 2009
Canada’s Corus Kids has announced its December 2009 programming highlights, with YTV highlighting Christmas classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and A Garfield Christmas Special, along with the premiere of the new animated movie The Legend of Frosty the Snowman and other holiday specials like the Rugrats Chanukah and Kwanzaa specials. […]

Pittsburgh ToonSeum Grand Opening at New Location on November 14, 2009

by Ed Liuon November 5, 2009
The ToonSeum, Pittsburgh’s Museum of Cartoon Art, will be moving to its new location in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District at 945 Liberty Avenue in the Bruno Building, Downtown. Its grand opening slated for Saturday, November 14, 2009, at 10:00 AM, with its inaugural exhibit being “Enchanted Drawings: A Century of Animation” with original art starting with […]

"Saturday Morning Cartoons: The 1970s Vol. 2": The Nightmare Continues

by Maxie Zeuson November 4, 2009
I recently confessed to being a child of the 1970s, which in animation terms is like confessing to having grown up on a Nevada A-bomb test site. If you want to extend the analogy, that would make the sale and distribution of Saturday Morning Cartoons: The 1970s, Vol. 2 roughly equivalent to the sale and […]