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Cool Stuff: Grendizer Returns

by Todd DuBoison June 21, 2010
A creation of Go Nagai and a cousin of sorts to the famous Mazinger Z, UFO Robot Grendizer was one of many super robot cartoons produced in Japan during the 1970s. The story followed the adventures of Prince Duke Fleed, who flees to Earth with the titular robot after an invasion of his home planet […]

Disney Releases 8-Minute Sneak Peek of "Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue"

by Ed Liuon June 21, 2010
Disney has released an 8-minute preview clip from Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, the next DTV movie in the Disney Fairies franchise slated for release on September 21, 2010: Also, check out Toonzone’s coverage of the roundtable discussion with Tinker Bell & the Great Fairy Rescue director Bradley Raymond and producer Helen Kalafatic.

"Toy Story 3": Sweet to Threepeat

by on June 21, 2010
The third installment is always the one that never seems to really work for a film franchise. Outside of stand-alones like Goldfinger and adaptations like Return of the King, I can’t think of a single “third movie” that didn’t disappoint. Even The Godfather couldn’t pull it off. So let it be known that Toy Story […]

Toonzone Presents Video Preview of "Avatar" Collector’s Set Bonus Features

by Ed Liuon June 20, 2010
Toonzone News is proud to present the following video clip from the new documentary bonus feature included on the new Avatar the Last Airbender Complete Book 1 Collector’s Set, which is slated for release on June 21, 2010. (requires QuickTime): <!–

Toonzone Presents 5 More "Toy Story 3" Video Clips

by Ed Liuon June 18, 2010
Disney/Pixar has released 5 new video clips from Toy Story 3, playing now in theaters. Welcome to Sunnyside Made for Each Other Playtime Tea Party “To Reset Your Buzz Lightyear…” Toy Story 3 is in theaters now. Check out some of Toonzone News’ other Toy Story 3 videos and news below: Toonzone Presents “Toy Story […]

Toonzone Chats with Brad Raymond & Helen Kalafatic on Next "Tinker Bell" DTV Movie

by Ed Liuon June 18, 2010
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, the next direct-to-video movie in Disney’s Tinker Bell franchise, is due out on September 21, 2010, but Toonzone News was able to sit in on a virtual roundtable session with director Bradley Raymond and producer Helen Kalafatic. Bradley Raymond’s career began at Don Bluth Productions, where he was […]

TV Ratings: "Toy Story 2" Tops Kid Demos; Saturday Mornings Are Dead

by on June 18, 2010
For the week of June 7 – 13, not only did Toy Story 2 place at the top of the weekly cable ratings for most viewers but it also took the top spot in the kids 2-11, 6-11 and 9-14 demos and second in the teens 12-17 demo (behind only the Lakers-Celtics basketball game) for […]

Dora and SpongeBob to Aid Lost Drivers

by on June 17, 2010
Need help navigating your city? Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants are here to help. TomTom, maker of navigation and locator devices, will begin offering designs incorporating the voices of the Nickelodeon icons, the company said today. The devices will feature in-personality exclamations such as “Vamanos! We’re getting closer!” (Dora) and “Hey, I don’t have […]

Briefly: Int’l Series Renewals; New Sales VP at Disney

by on June 17, 2010
* CBeebies Mexico has added Garth & Bev, an educational/adventure series about a brother-and-sister team of time travelers, to its schedule; distribution deals with other BBC and CBeebies entities are pending. [KidScreen] * MTV Networks Int’l has scored renewals of a number of series, including Penguins of Madagascar and SpongeBob SquarePants, in a number of […]

Cable TV Ratings: "Toy Story" Double Feature Takes the Top Cable Spots

by on June 15, 2010
Disney Channel’s Saturday night (8:30PM) airing of Toy Story 2 with 7.5 million viewers took the #1 spot in the cable top 25 programs for the week of June 7 – 13, 2010. Disney’s airing of the original Toy Story at 7PM was the next most watched animated program of the week with 5.0 million […]