Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing - "Over Step" Recap

In the hope of capturing their next battleship, Fam and company visit Eldorado, an amusement center where underground Vanship races are held. Having gotten nearly halfway to their mandate of capturing fifteen battleships, Fam and Giselle take a different approach at capturing their next prize. This time they make a high stakes wager with Lady […]

ThunderCats (2011) "Between Brothers" Recap

After going into the Astral Plane in order to find the next stone, Lion-O and Tygra both end up walking down memory lane and eventually begin to clash out of their hidden anger towards one another. Meanwhile, Panthro and Grune meet on the battlefield and have what could be their final battle.. Panthro scopes out […]

Persona 4: The Animation - "We've lost something important again" Episode 8 Recap

While on the yearly school camping trip, Yu encounters Saki’s brother, Naoki, who is depressed and feeling isolated because of his sister’s death. The group discusses the murder investigation and Yu eggs Kanji on, resulting in a very embarrassing situation. Yu and the group go on their yearly school camping trip, where they’ll get to […]

Adventure Time - "Thank You" Recap

In a special Thanksgiving episode of Adventure Time, the focus on Finn and Jake is eschewed in favor of a snow golem living nearby. The golem’s uneventful day is interrupted by a raucous firewolf, abandoned from the rest of its pack. The golem cares for the wolf as a pet but eventually realizes that he […]

The Looney Tunes Show - "The Float" Recap

After having his parade float destroyed by taking it to the car wash, Daffy decides to swindle Porky out of all of his money in order to selfishly buy himself a yacht in order to replace his parade float. I’ve always seen that this series has its ups and downs when it comes to executing […]

Adventure Time - "Jake vs. Me-Mow" Recap

A seemingly benign lunch with Wildberry Princess turns deadly when Jake finds an unwanted guest in one of her famous meat pies. The miniature assassin-in-training Me-Mow decides to salvage her mission to kill Wildberry Princess by hiding inside Jake’s nose and giving him an ultimatum: assassinate the princess or die from a poison injection. After […]

Fate/Zero - "Mage-Killer" Episode 8 Recap

As Saber and Lancer work to defeat Caster, Kayneth continues his attack on Kiritsugu. Though Kayneth proves to be a talented mage, he foolishly picked someone who specializes in mage killing. While Maiya and Irisviel are making their way from the castle, Irisviel feels another person enter the barrier. This person is none other than […]

Guilty Crown - "leukocytes (Cage)" - Episode 6 Recap

After his reinforcements are wiped out by an attack from Leucocyte, Gai decides to carry on with the plan to take down the laser weapon. The problem is that the plan becomes riskier and the projected casualties for Funeral Parlor go from 5% to 35%. Realizing that so many lives rest on his shoulders, Shu […]

Dan Vs. "The Family Thanksgiving" Recap

Dan is shocked when Elise’s parents invite him to their family Thanksgiving. Then even more shocked when they treat him better than the rest of their family. I love Thanksgiving. A Holiday set aside to be thankful and pray is such a wonderful thing. Even if you’re not religious you can still be thankful for what […]

The Amazing World Of Gumball - "The Mustache" Recap

“Gumball and Darwin decide that they are sick of going to school, but after being told that they have to go because they are children, they wish that they were grown up. However, after accidentally eating Richard’s testosterone supplement, their wish actually comes true and they’re forced to face their new realities as adults.” It’s […]

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