Episode Recaps

MLP: Friendship is Magic “Secret of My Excess” Recap

by SammyTon December 13, 2011
It’s Spike’s birthday and he’s getting gifts galore. Then he discovers he can get even more by telling everyone that it’s his birthday. Greed soon sets in. Like greed usually does to a person it causes Spike to grow into a giant rampaging monster… Well, at least that’s usual for dragons (apparently). My Little Pony: […]

Transformers Prime – “Predatory” Recap

by Neo Yion December 11, 2011
“A simple recon mission between Jack and Arcee turn dangerous when the deadly Airachid arrives.” Jack tags along with Arcee as they seek an underground Energon deposit. What started off as a simple mission twirls a complete 180 when they spot a crashed alien ship, which Arcee recognizes as the property of the Decepticon Airachid. […]

Guilty Crown – “prey (Predation)” – Episode 9 Recap

by Lelouchon December 10, 2011
After a vacation last week, Shu returns to school to find himself going on a small shopping date with Hare. Unfortunately for Hare this date is interrupted by the return of Yahiro, who had been caring for his ill younger brother Jun. Now he’s on the run from GHQ, so he desperately turns to Shu […]

Guilty Crown – “courtship behavior (Hot Summer Day)” – Episode 8 Recap

by Lelouchon December 10, 2011
Episode eight of Guilty Crown features yet another case where one of Shu’s classmates gets involved in the GHQ/Funeral Parlor fight. Since he needs to infiltrate a GHQ facility in Oshima, Shu goes on a mission under the guise of a vacation to get the job done. His friends Hare, Kanon and Souta accompany him […]

ThunderCats (2011) – “Legacy” Recap

by RockmanDashon December 8, 2011
“After recovering the Book of Omens, Lion-O accidentally powers it up and has his soul sent inside the book itself. He then finds himself stuck in a simulation as his ancestor, Leo.” After recovering the Book of Omens, Lion-O accidentally activates it and has his soul sucked inside. Lion-O ends up meeting Jaga’s spirit, who […]

The Looney Tunes Show – “Monster Talent” Recap

by RockmanDashon December 8, 2011
“Daffy gets instructed by Witch Lezah to help Gossamer make friends. Meanwhile, Bugs becomes a huge celebrity after starring in Speedy Gonzales’ frozen pizza commercial.” This episode introduced Witch Lezah and Gossamer into this series…with a twist. They aren’t exactly true to their old characterizations. Witch Lezah is now a very loving mother who just […]

Persona 4: The Animation – “Real me Doesn’t Exist” Episode 10 Recap

by RockmanDashon December 8, 2011
“The pop star Rise has been kidnapped and cast into the TV world. Yu and the gang track her scent to a shadow version of a strip club. The group soon realizes that she isn’t not the only one dealing with an inner-conflict this time.” After seeing Rise’s shadow on the Midnight Channel, Yu and […]

Fate/Zero – “Rin’s Adventure” Episode 10 Recap

by Lelouchon December 7, 2011
Episode ten of Fate/Zero takes a break from the main characters of the fourth Holy Grail War to explore a side story involving the young Rin Tohsaka, a leading character in the prior Fate/Stay Night series that takes place later. Young Rin is an aspiring mage who is just starting to learn how to control […]

Adventure Time – “Holly Jolly Secrets” Recap

by chdron December 6, 2011
In a special two-part holiday episode, Jake digs up a box of secret VHS tapes belonging to the Ice King. Finn, Jake, and Beemo spend the day indoors digging through the tapes, searching for the reason why the Ice King would want them buried. As the King realizes his incriminating videos have been unearthed, he […]

Guilty Crown – temptation (Round Dance) – Episode 7 Recap

by Lelouchon December 6, 2011
Thanks to Segai destroying Shu’s records, Shu is able to return to school with Inori. He is first met with accusations of being a criminal but Arisa Kuhouin, the charming and charismatic student council president, steps in and tells the students to leave Shu alone. Arisa is actually the heir to the Kuhouin Group, a […]