The Amazing World Of Gumball - "The Car" Recap

“When their ball falls into Mr. Robinson’s lawn, Darwin and Gumball use it as an opportunity to show their affection for their neighbor. However, things soon get out of control when Mr. Robinson’s new car is accidentally destroyed.” Early last year, I had the opportunity to watch some snippets of this show in advance of […]

Dan Vs. "Dancing" Recap

When dancing keeps Dan from enjoying a TV show marathon with his best friend, he vows revenge. This however coincides with Elise’s dream of winning a dance trophy. So Elise ships him off to a desolate town where Dan must learn dance to survive. Alright, this time Dan’s up against dancing. Now I don’t really […]

Transformers Prime - "Rock Bottom" Episode 19 Recap

“Caught in a cave-in, both the Autobots and the Decepticons must find a way out before they destroy each another.” Reading the preview description for this episode didn’t exactly fill me with glee; I expected boring filler. Things start off poorly when Miko jumps headfirst into an abandoned mine without a second thought, oblivious to […]

The Amazing World Of Gumball - "The Ape" Recap

“When Miss Simian realizes that the only trophy she is lacking for her collection is the one for best teacher – which requires a student nomination – she decides to become Gumball’s friend in order to get him to write the letter in question. However, not all of the Wattersons believe that she has truly […]

MLP: Friendship is Magic "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" Recap

The Apples (Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big Mac, and Granny Smith) are in danger of losing their apple farm (Sweet Apple Acres) to the twin Flim Flam brothers when a bet is struck over who can make the most apple cider in one hour. This episode introduces the Flim Flam twins, who are eccentric and overconfident […]

The Looney Tunes Show - "The Shelf" Recap

“Bugs tries making a shelf for his Nobel Prize and accidentally damages his home in the process. Because of this, Daffy decides to stay with Porky and Speedy gets home advice from Lola.” The plot of “The Shelf” is as basic as it sounds: After Bugs destroys his home while trying to install a shelf […]

Dan Vs. "The Neighbors" Recap

Dan is suspicious of his new neighbors and attempts to drive them out when he becomes convinced they’re cannibals. The Holiday specials are over and now Dan Vs. season two begins, starting off with Dan versus his new neighbors. Many of us can probably relate to having neighbors we just don’t like. Maybe they were […]

MLP: Friendship is Magic "The Last Roundup" Recap

After leaving for the rodeo Applejack sends a letter saying she won’t be returning and offers no reason why. Worried, her friends leave in search of her. “The Last Roundup” focuses on Applejack. This will certainly please many fans, myself included, although I will admit that Applejack is my least favorite of the six main […]

Persona 4: The Animation - "Although the Case Was Closed" Episode 16 Recap

Naoto Shirogane appears on the Midnight Channel after trying to investigate it.  While still shocked that the true killer may still be on the loose, Yu and the group must now save Naoto inside the TV world. Upon returning from Tatsumi Port Island, Yu watches a news special featuring Naoto. In it, Naoto openly explains […]

Persona 4: The Animation - "The Long-Awaited School Trip" Episode 15 Recap

Upon returning to Yasogami High School after a long Summer, Yu and the group go on a school field trip to Tasumi Port Island. Summer vacation has come to an end. Yu returns to Yasogami High, where he and his friends notice that Naoto Shirogane has become a student there. A week passes and the […]

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