Episode Recaps

The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Fight” Recap

by Joshua Baileyon March 18, 2012
When Anais believes that Gumball is being bullied, she inadvertently arranges a fight between him and Tina Rex. Now, Gumball must rely on his family in order to prepare for the fight, lest he be beaten into a pulp. This is the final episode of the show’s first season and according to Cartoon Network, it […]

MLP: Friendship is Magic “It’s About Time” Recap

by SammyTon March 17, 2012
Twilight Sparkle receives an incomplete warning from her future self and drives herself crazy trying to prevent an unknown disaster before it strikes. I love the premise of this episode; I half expected Twilight to end up messing with time travel sooner or later and wondered what would happen when she finally did. The result […]

Persona 4: The Animation – “The Choice Left Remaining” Episode 23 Recap

by RockmanDashon March 16, 2012
With Nanako dead, Yu and the rest of the investigation team are completely enraged by Namatame’s actions of kidnapping her. Yu must now make a critical decision that involves either letting Namatame live or killing him to avenge Nanako. One of these actions shall lead to despair, while the other may finally open the path […]

The Looney Tunes Show – “Sunday Night Slice” Recap

by RockmanDashon March 15, 2012
Bugs thinks back to the time when Speedy Gonzales started the Pizzariba. “Sunday Night Slice” explains how Speedy Gonzales started the Pizzariba, beginning with Bugs flashing back to when he tried opening his own pizza joint with Daffy, Marvin Martian, Porky and Pete Puma as his employees.  The basic concept was a very fun one; […]

The Looney Tunes Show – “That’s My Baby” Episode Recap

by RockmanDashon March 15, 2012
Daffy has to go through babysitting Tina’s nephew while she is out working. Meanwhile, Bugs tries to teach Porky about how not to get ripped off by every upsell that he encounters. While the story of “That’s My Baby” is a pretty funny concept, I can’t help seeing it as a bit of a bore […]

MLP: Friendship is Magic “Putting Your Hoof Down” Recap

by SammyTon March 15, 2012
Tired of being pushed around all the time, Fluttershy learns how to be more assertive from a minotaur named Ironwill. But she ends up taking the lessons too far. Fluttershy is very sweet and calm with a deep love of animals and nature. I can relate, and so she was my favorite character for most […]

The Looney Tunes Show – “Bugs & Daffy Get a Job” Episode Recap

by RockmanDashon March 13, 2012
 Daffy decides to get himself surgery for his deviated septum and make himself better looking. Meanwhile, Bugs gets a job with Porky. The plot of “Bugs & Daffy Get a Job” revolves around Daffy getting surgery for his beak, while Bugs gains a job at the same office area that Porky works at. Both stories […]

The Looney Tunes Show – “Newspaper Thief” Episode Recap

by RockmanDashon March 13, 2012
After finding out that his morning newspaper is missing, Daffy comes to the conclusion that one of the neighbors has stolen it. “Newspaper Thief” is another Daffy-centric episode that is definitely fun. Of course I’m not exactly a fan of Daffy hogging a lot of the episodes, but sadly he’s the one of the only […]

Transformers Prime – “Operation Bumblebee: Part 1” Episode 30 Recap

by Neo Yion March 11, 2012
Bumblebee questions his value to the team when he loses his ability to transform. Out of all the Autobots, Bumblebee has proven to be the most problematic character. How do you portray someone who can’t speak? Pantomime usually tends to be the answer, but Bumblebee had precious few moments in the show to rarely indicate […]

Persona 4: The Animation – “It’s Just Like Heaven” Episode 22 Recap

by RockmanDashon March 9, 2012
The Investigation team confronts Namatame and fights his manifested shadow form in order to save Nanako.  However, time is drastically running out and Inaba is now mysteriously being wrapped in a very thick fog. The Investigation Team arrives inside the TV world and find themselves in Nanako’s vision of Heaven. The group hears Nanako’s voice […]