Hugh Jackman plays Vampire Hunter D in "The London Assignment"

The latest movie tie-in anime, Van Helsing: The London Assignment, is a worthy prequel to the new Hollywood feature. While the reviews have not been overly kind to its big brother, London Assignment crafts a simple but quite thrilling tale. Not obviously an anime production and not quite a feature, animation fans might better imagine […]

"Triplets of Belleville": From Tour de France to Visual Tour de Force

Sometimes a movie comes along that is just so far out there that it defies description. Puni Puni Poemy for one. If Sylvain Chomet’s Triplets of Belleville does not go quite so far off the deep end, it definitely is a serious curve ball. Nearly unconventional to a fault, this fascinating French animated film lost […]

"Cardcaptor Sakura": The Sealed Card Also Seals the TV Dub Away

Cardcaptor Sakura is yet another anime with a troubled US history. When it aired on Kids WB, the series was aired out-of-order, the voice cast sounded older than they were supposed to, and the series tried to focus more towards Li than Sakura. Though the original Japanese version was released separately, fans still wished for […]

Fatal Disc Error: "ReBoot" Boots Up a Bumpy Season 4

ReBoot has had a troubled past. It enjoyed good ratings on ABC before being canned by Disney. The third season wasn’t even shown in the US until Toonami accquired it. After getting monster ratings on that block and on Canada’s YTV, a fourth season was produced. It currently looks like we won’t be gettiing a […]

"Brother Bear" DVD: The Beautiful Bare Necessities

Following the tepid reception that the action-heavy Atlantis and Treasure Planet received, Brother Bear marks a return to a more traditional format for Disney. Animal characters, a forest setting, and an abundance of Phil Collins songs remind one somewhat of Tarzan. At a time when the viability of 2D animation in general, and Disney’s in […]

The Beast Wars Rage On In Two Excellent DVDs

Ah, Beast Wars. Hailed as the second-greatest Transformers series after the original G1, Beast Wars has become a major fan-favorite series. While the first season was pretty decent and introduced and developed the characters we all love, that was really all it was, set-up. Season 2 was when things really got interesting and where many […]

"Abenobashi" Vol. 1: Worth its Weight in Weirdness

Arumi and Sasshi are two regular 12-year old kids from Osaka, Japan’s “deep south.” For some reason, they’ve been knocked out of their own world into parallel worlds. A cross-dresser is now a superhero, Arumi’s dad is a champion fighter, and a well-endowed girl named Mune-Mune ["chest-chest" in Japanese -Ed.] is chasing them down for […]

"Kiddy Grade" Vol. 1 Big on Action, Short on Story

G.O.T.T., The Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs, ES Members Éclair and Lumiere are essentially the police of the future, with a penchant for disguises, the trailer states. Tracking down criminals, they use their special abilities (Éclair has some special lipstick that either lets her Hulk out or gain a whip and Lumiere can control […]

"Return to Xanadu"? More Like "Return to Sender"

So here I am, reviewing a kid’s film when I’m not exactly a kid. What’s a responsible critic supposed to do? Typically, I guess you do one of two things. Either you pour yourself a big bowl of Lucky Charms, pop the DVD into the player, and munch away while trying to put yourself into […]

"Someday's Dreamers Volume 1": Commonplace, Yet Incredible

The world of Someday’s Dreamers has been compared to such other works as NieA_7, Haibane Renmei, Kiki’s Delivery Service and even Harry Potter, and those are all probably right. The pacing and blend of light humor with mild melancholy is somewhat reminiscent of NieA and Haibane, as is the concept of taking the extraordinary and […]

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