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Dark Horse Comics and Nickelodeon Announce "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Comics

by Ed Liuon February 9, 2011
Dark Horse Comics and Nickelodeon have announced a collaboration to publish Avatar: The Last Airbender comic books, beginning with a Free Comic Book Day offering on May 7, 2011, that will package 2 stories with Star Wars: The Clone Wars comics in a flip book format. It will be followed in 2012 by a 240-page […]

"Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics" – No Secrets. Also No Substance.

by Ed Liuon November 8, 2010
There is an excellent, accessible history of the comic book industry that is both affectionate to the medium and its fictional creations, and gimlet-eyed enough to talk about the uglier or stranger side of the business. That history is Gerard Jones’ book Men of Tomorrow, which is a text that I believe should be required […]

Guardian on "The 99" and Its Creator Naif Al-Mutawa

by Ed Liuon October 29, 2010
The Guardian has posted a lengthy profile of Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa and his Islam-inspired superhero team The 99, who will be teaming up with DC Comics’ Justice League in a comic book mini-series launching tomorrow, October 27, and are slated to star in their own animated series that will air in the United States on […]

Marvel Announces "Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes" Comic Book Mini-Series

by Ed Liuon August 15, 2010
Marvel Comics has announced an Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes 4-issue mini-series beginning in November 2010, in conjunction with the upcoming animated series of the same name debuting on Disney XD in October. The comics will be written by Christopher Yost with art by Scott Wegener and Patrick Scherberger. The full press release follows: Marvel Announces […]

"Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics" Coming to DVD on November 9, 2010

by Ed Liuon August 11, 2010
Warner Home Video has announced Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics, a new documentary on the famed comic book publishing company, will be released on DVD on November 9, 2010. The documentary will be written and directed by Mac Carter and narrated by Ryan Reynolds. It will include interviews with numerous influential comic creators, […]

"The Splendid Magic Of Penny Arcade" Is Honestly Splendid Magic

by Chad Boninon August 6, 2010
Over a decade ago, two gamers sat down on a couch and played video games together. This act has been going on for years, but these two guys started a revolution. On one hand, they ignited the concept of webcomics, challenged the gaming industry, and defended it at the same time. On the other hand, […]

MTV Hosts Preview Footage of "The Goon"

by Ed Liuon July 20, 2010’s Splash Page weblog has posted a 30-second teaser preview of The Goon, the CGI animated feature film produced by David Fincher and based on the Dark Horse comic book by Eric Powell: Movie Trailers – Movies Blog The blog also promises the preview footage to be aired at the San Diego Comic Con later […]

BOOM! Studios to Release "Darkwing Duck" Comic Book Miniseries in June 2010

by Ed Liuon March 16, 2010
At the Emerald City Comic Con this past weekend, BOOM! Studios announced a four-issue Darkwing Duck miniseries that will be released starting in June 2010, to be written by Ian Brill and drawn by James Silvani. The new series will begin with Drake Mallard (a.k.a. Darkwing Duck) separated from his longtime friend Launchpad McQuack and […]

T.C. Carson Signing at Rose Bowl Comics Show Feb 14, 2010

by Ed Liuon February 10, 2010
Voice actor T.C. Carson will be appearing at the Rose Bowl Comics & Collectibles Show in Pasadena, CA, at the Tumble Creek Press booth this Sunday, February 14, 2010, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Carson is best known for his roles as Mace Windu in the current Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series […]