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PR: Marvel Comics – Cover and Preview Pages for Wolverine and the X-Men #2

by Grant Whiteon October 28, 2011
Your First Look At WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #2! It’s official, Wolverine & The X-Men is a hit and to celebrate the book’s critical acclaim, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Wolverine & The X-Men #2! Following the catastrophic disruption to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, superstar creative team Jason […]

PR: Marvel Comics – Ultimate Comics X-Men #3 Cover and Interior Previews

by Grant Whiteon October 18, 2011
Mutantkind Must Fight For Their Lives In ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #3 Mutantkind has a giant X painted on its back, and with the revelation that the US Government created their kind – they’re now fugitives on the run! Join red-hot writer Nick Spencer and fan favorite artist Paco Medina for Ultimate Comics X-Men #3 as […]

PR: Marvel Comics – Walt Disney Animation’s Prep & Landing Cure Christmas Chaos With Marvel’s The Avengers

by Grant Whiteon October 17, 2011
Walt Disney Animation’s Prep & Landing Cure Christmas Chaos With Marvel’s The Avengers! This November, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Emmy Award-winning Prep & Landing enters the world of the Avengers, Marvel’s most popular super heroes, in an all-new comic book adventure. Certainly Santa doesn’t just visit the ordinary citizens of the world – even super […]

NYCC2011: Dark Horse Comics Panel Highlights

by Eileen Cruzon October 17, 2011
Jeremy Atkins (Director of Public Relations) and Scott Allie (Senior Managing Editor) were in attendance. During the course of the panel, they presented recent and upcoming titles. Special Guests included Brian Wood, Sanford Green, Tom Morello, Scott Hepburn and Jan Duursema. Dark Horse has the license to collect and reprint the Avatar: The Last Airbender […]

PR: MoCCA Fall Classes Begin November 1, 2011

by Ed Liuon October 6, 2011
MoCCA’s Fall Classes Begin November 1st! NEW YORK – The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art – MoCCA – is proud to announce the Fall/Winter offerings from its Adult Education Department, organized and headed by Senior Vice-President of Education, DANNY FINGEROTH. Presenting: HOW TO WRITE COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS, LEVEL 2 with DANNY FINGEROTH HOW […]

PR: Marvel Comics – "Point One" #1 Cover and Info

by Grant Whiteon September 27, 2011
The Foundation Of 2012 Is Here – POINT ONE! “Point One is a massive one-shot of 64 all-new pages of story by the top creators in the business, setting the stage for the biggest stories coming in 2012. It is the starting point to what’s in store for the world’s most iconic characters and startling […]

PR: Marvel Comics – "Wolverine and the X-Men" Issue #1 and 2 Covers

by Grant Whiteon September 27, 2011
WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #1 & #2 Covers Revealed! This October, Wolverine heads up a brand new crew of X-Men in the oversized debut of Wolverine & The X-Men #1! From Marvel Architect writer Jason Aaron and fan favorite artist Chris Bachalo, this new team will have their hands full as the Hellfire Club makes […]

PR: Marvel Comics – "Fear Itself: The Fearless" #1 Teaser Image and Info

by Grant Whiteon September 19, 2011
UNLEASH THE POWER THAT SLUMBERS – RULE THE WORLD! You must not miss Fear Itself: The Fearless #1! 1. The fate of the Asgardian hammers seen in Fear Itself – REVEALED! 2. A thrilling, yet desperate search for power across all the hidden corners of the Marvel Universe. 3. Valkyrie becomes the Marvel Universe’s most […]

PR: Marvel Comics – "Fear Itself: The Fearless" #1 Cover and Info

by Grant Whiteon September 19, 2011
DEFEAT THE FF – SAVE THE WORLD! FEAR ITSELF: THE FEARLESS #1 (AUG110582) Written by MATT FRACTION, CULLEN BUNN, & CHRIS YOST Art by MARK BAGLEY & PAUL PELLETIER Cover by ARTHUR ADAMS Variant Cover by MIKE DEODATO FOC – 9/26/11, ON SALE – 10/19/11 To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or […]

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” Volume 1 Eclipses the Competition

by Todd "GWOtaku" DuBoison September 16, 2011
Kodansha Comics’ republication of Naoko Takeuchi’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga marks nothing less than the long-awaited return of a giant. For those with any amount of serious interest in anime or manga, Sailor Moon should need little introduction. The anime series televised for years in syndication and on USA Network in the 90s before […]