In Defense of Problem Solverz

I’ve made no effort to hide it; I unabashedly love Ben Jones’ new series The Problem Solverz. A simple cursory glance around the internet can reveal a slightly-less-than-warm reaction to the show, though. Another cursory glance at The Problem Solverz itself can explain why; TPS is one of the most actively antagonistic cartoons I have […]

Toonzone Previews the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Video Game

Toonzone was recently invited by Activision and High Moon Studios to sit with Sean Miller, Game Director on Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Designer, Terry Spier to participate in a demonstration of the upcoming game for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. An Activision representative was also able to give us a demo of […]

Your Management Was Bad, And You Should Feel Bad

You know, the anime and manga industry has been pretty beat up over the past few years. It’s probably not an over-exaggeration at this point to say there are probably more dead companies than active ones in the translation and distribution game in the U.S. at this point, and even if it’s not, it’s certainly […]

"Best. Episode. Ever!" Toonzone Talks Cowboy Bebop

Today Toonzone’s “Best. Episode. Ever!” feature returns to discuss Cowboy Bebop, a show that has undoubtedly been one of the best-loved Japanese animated series in North America since it began airing on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block in 2001. What this “Best. Episode. Ever!” feature does is simple; we get some of the TZ staff […]

THE FULL EXPERIENCE: The Pink Panther Show

 THE FULL EXPERIENCE is a new series devoted to bringing you what neither DVD nor Netflix can give — Saturday Morning cartoons as they originally appeared, ads and all. We can’t show you the cartoons for obvious reasons, but we can fill in the blanks. And we’ll start with the earliest FULL EXPERIENCE currently accessible. […]

WonderCon 2011: "Tribute to Dwayne McDuffie" Panel

On Saturday I attended “Writing for TV Animation.” As with my very first panel, everyone agreed it was harder to get into the industry—even harder than getting into live action, since the animation industry was small, insular community. Two of those panelists, Matt Wayne and Eugene Son (Ben10: Ultimate Alien, Generator Rex, etc.) showed up at […]

WonderCon 2011: "Writing for TV Animation" Panel Report

For me this year’s WonderCon had a lot to do with writing and writers—not surprising, you might say, since I’m a reporter. But since I dream of leaving my office job to write for animation, my interest in two of this year’s panels is personal.  That’s why my first stop at WonderCon, after leaving the […]

Cool Stuff: Gnomon School

The Gnomon School of Visual Effects has released their 2011 Student Animation Work Compilation reel, featuring VFX creations from alumni who have worked on blockbuster films like “Green Lantern,” “TRON: Legacy” and “2012.” Check it out below! Student Animation Work Compilation 2011 from Gnomon School of Visual Effects on Vimeo.

Squee! - Thor: God of Thunder Behind the Scenes Footage

(Movie native size: 1280 x 720) – click “full-screen” icon in lower-right to enlarge Thor: God of Thunder, is coming to the 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS and DS on May 3, 2011. In anticipation of the release, Sega has issued an exciting, new behind-the-scenes video which delves into the game’s development. In it they discuss […]

Spring 2011 Anime Preview

As a new crop of Japanese animation hits the airwaves this spring, Nick Hobbs and I are back again to comment on our best hopes for anime between now and the start of Summer. Some are already simulcasted or likely to be, some are possibly-unlikely licenses that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. Have a look, enjoy […]

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