Regular Show – “Cruisin'” – Recap

by chdron November 29, 2011
Inspired by a cheesy movie, Mordecai and Rigby decide that the best way to pick up phone numbers from women is to go cruisin’ around town in a sweet ride. Margaret and Eileen are offended at the guys’ chauvinistic remarks and incredulously make a wager: if Mordecai and Rigby can’t pick up two numbers by […]

Fate/Zero – “Master and Servant” – Episode 9 Recap

by Lelouchon November 29, 2011
With Kayneth gravely injured and his magic circuits damaged, he has been put into a situation where he can no longer be Lancer’s master. His wife Sola-Ui recognizes this and asks that he transfer the command seals over to her so she can win the grail. Though reluctant at first, he caves when she subjects […]

Adventure Time – “The New Frontier” Recap

by chdron November 28, 2011
Jake awakens from a prophetic croak dream involving a space shuttle, a banana man, and death via asphyxiation. While Jake calmly accepts his mortality, Finn begins to worry for his safety when elements of the dream start appearing in real life. Finn will do anything to prevent the dream from coming to pass, even if […]

The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Date” Recap

by The Huntsmanon November 28, 2011
“When Gumball is invited to Penny’s house to attend a pet’s funeral, he believes it to be a date. However, when his father tells him that he needs to act cooler in order to impress her, he relies on his family members to accomplish that. Will their advice pay off in the end?” One of […]

Transformers Prime – “Deus Ex Machina” Recap

by Neo Yion November 28, 2011
“The Autobots must prevent the Decepticons from getting their hands on a powerful ancient Cybertronian artifact.” Ratchet’s discovery reveals a mural in Greece depicting a golden sphere. Closer observation identifies it as an Energon Harvester,  a powerful device capable of sucking any Energon dry, including ones flowing inside Cybertronians. The real deal is located on […]

The Penguins of Madagascar – “Arch Enemy/The Big S.T.A.N.K.” Recap

by athanlao93on November 28, 2011
Arch Enemy: While testing Kowalski’s newest invention, the “Nexto-Skeleton,” Dale the Snail approaches the Penguins, seeking revenge against Private for crushing him. That accusation is only reinforced by Private accidentally crushing Dale at every chance he gets to apologize, and by King Julien, who vilified Private in front of all of the zoo animals. Who […]

MLP: Friendship is Magic “The Mysterious Mare Do Well” Recap

by SammyTon November 28, 2011
Due to her heroic deeds, Rainbow Dash gains a reputation as a hero. But she soon grows jealous when a new hero arrives in Ponyville and upstages her. Simply put, “The Mysterious Mare Do Well” is a parody of the superhero genre. It pokes fun at almost everything it can. From a superhero not saving […]

Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing – “Over Step” Recap

by Todd "GWOtaku" DuBoison November 27, 2011
In the hope of capturing their next battleship, Fam and company visit Eldorado, an amusement center where underground Vanship races are held. Having gotten nearly halfway to their mandate of capturing fifteen battleships, Fam and Giselle take a different approach at capturing their next prize. This time they make a high stakes wager with Lady […]

ThunderCats (2011) “Between Brothers” Recap

by RockmanDashon November 27, 2011
After going into the Astral Plane in order to find the next stone, Lion-O and Tygra both end up walking down memory lane and eventually begin to clash out of their hidden anger towards one another. Meanwhile, Panthro and Grune meet on the battlefield and have what could be their final battle.. Panthro scopes out […]

Persona 4: The Animation – “We’ve lost something important again” Episode 8 Recap

by RockmanDashon November 24, 2011
While on the yearly school camping trip, Yu encounters Saki’s brother, Naoki, who is depressed and feeling isolated because of his sister’s death. The group discusses the murder investigation and Yu eggs Kanji on, resulting in a very embarrassing situation. Yu and the group go on their yearly school camping trip, where they’ll get to […]