Wallace & Gromit To Star In R-Rated 'Gangsta' Movie

Aardman Animation has announced a new entry in their popular Wallace & Gromit franchise, ‘N’ Da Hood’. The film is the first co-production between Aardman and new American business partner Iris Slate. In a controversial move, the new film will push the duo further than ever before. After one of Wallace’s inventions is stolen by […]

Robert Zemeckis Revealed to be Motion-Captured CGI Animated Character

Film director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol (you know, the ugly-ass version that came out last year)) has been revealed to be a motion-captured CGI animated creature disguising himself as a normal human being (seen in photo at right between Tim Burton (left) and Joseph […]


Warner Home Video has announced, exclusively to toonzone, a major initiative to release many of its most highly demanded classics on Blu-Ray and DVD. “To all of those wishing for fully restored releases of their favorite cartoons – we’ve heard you,” stated Mackenzie Holstinenopp, sales and marketing representative for Warner Home Video. “These three releases […]

The Downfall of Cartoon Network: Just Blame Canada

We’ve all seen it coming. Cartoon Network has been heading in this direction for the past few years now, and despite our protests, they have chosen not only to continue in this direction but to speed up the very process. How many casualties have there been in their push to change their very nature? So […]

Cool Stuff: Second Wind

A limber old man and his gigantic feline frolic about during a journey to lands unknown. When elderly fellow befriends a spirit, the abnormally large cat’s jealous side inadvertently causes his untimely demise. It’s a little dark and would have still been worth a look without the happy ending.  I really love Ian Worrell’s style. […]

New Anime Company Formed; Licenses Kodomo No Jikan

Seattle, WA – SeAnime, a new localization house headed by former Microsoft employee Susan Modny has not only announced its existence today, but also their first title, fan favorite Kodomo no Jikan. Retitled for N. America as Playground Love, the company initially plans to release it dub-only using the original broadcast master (not the uncensored […]

Australian Parliament Debates Banning All Cartoons

Canberra, Australia  – Following Australia’s national internet censorship initiative, their legislation banning adult women who fit a certain body-type from pornography and the recent banning all cartoon pornography, Australian MPs have decided to use this momentum to introduce additional legislation that would ban all animated content, citing the rights of fictional characters. One MP stated […]

Live Action Evangelion Plans Revealed: Eric Wereheim Tapped To Direct

Los Angeles, CA – In a press conference today on the Universal Studios lot, director Eric Wereheim and Studio Khara’s Hideki Anno announced that plans to produce the Live Action Evangelion Film are now finalized. Wereheim will take the helm of 4 90 minute films that will condense the majority of the Evangelion story-line, though […]

Spring 2010 Anime Preview

In a just a matter of days, a new slate of animated programming will begin in Japan. As the fandom fires up its anticipation for what could be a fruitful spring for Japanese animation, here at the toonzone blog we’re going to try focusing in on what we think some of the highlights of the […]

Huge Pokémon Announcement: Piplup to be the new mascot!

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After five regions and nearly 700 episodes, today it was finally announced by Nintendo and creator Satoshi Tajiri that Ash and Pikachu would be hanging in the towel for the fifth generation of Pokémon. In their place, Dawn and Piplup will be taking the role of mascot for the Pokémon franchise. Though Tajiri claimed it […]

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