Bratty Otaku vs. Soulja Boy: No, This Isn't A MC Battle

I’m going to lead this off by saying the following: I don’t like Soulja Boy as an MC. However, he wasn’t in the wrong on this. He did what every other rapper who makes mixtapes does, just with something besides the backing music, and with something outside of the mainstream HipHop milieu. The site that […]

What Is Dragon Ball Kai? Part III: How Does Kai Fit On the Shelf With Dragon Ball Z?

How does Dragon Ball Kai Fit on the shelf With Dragon Ball Z? In 2002, Toei Animation began taking pre-orders for Dragon Ball Z “Dragon Boxes” to be released in Japan in a limited fashion. The Dragon Boxes contained a newly created master of all 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z, remastered frame-by-frame by hand […]

What Is Dragon Ball Kai? Part II: How to Watch Kai in America

In part one of What is Dragon Ball Kai?, the origins and details of the series were explained. Today, we will discuss its recent home video release and imminent premiere on U.S. television. Kai on Home Video After the announcement of the re-titled ‘Dragon Ball Z Kai‘ FUNimation quickly launched their official website and solicited […]

Why You're Killing Anime

            The economic recession has certainly hit the animation industry hard in the last few years, and it’s shown. Cartoon Network has moved into what I could only assume is the more cost-effective live action market. Networks like SyFy which seemed at one point to be open to airing Japanese and American animation now seem […]

The Future of Anime on Adult Swim: What Needs to be Done?

For quite some time it has been rather obvious that Adult Swim seems to be losing its faith in anime. In their defense, the anime block on Saturdays hasn’t done incredibly well the past few years, and so it’d be reasonable for them to slowly phase anime out altogether. With the announcement of three new […]

Cool Stuff: Gaiking CG Teaser Trailer

This is an early pilot for a movie adaptation of Toei Animation’s Gaiking cartoon. It was produced by Jules Urbach, a developer of Light Stage. Light Stage uses advanced “scanning technology”; it is a powerful production tool that has notably been used for the Oscar-winning special effects in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and […]

What is Dragon Ball Kai? Part I: The History Of Kai

On February 2nd Navarre Corporation let it slip that their subsidiary, FUNimation Entertainment, had acquired the North American license to Dragon Ball Kai. With a less than clear explanation on what this new property was for new viewers, we figured it was time to get the facts straight. What is Dragon Ball Kai and where […]

Hidden Treasures: The Magic Voyage

The Magic Voyage was probably better in German. I doubt even then that it would have been very good – a bad dub does not cause ugly character designs, stiff animation, or stupid concepts – but it would have to work very hard to be worse. The film is a fictional account of Christopher Columbus’s […]

Top 5 Martial Arts Fights of Animation

Hit with emotional content! Below, we’ve selected our picks for the Top 5 Animated Martial Arts Fights. Our main standard for judgment was that these fights had to work as both “Animation” and “Martial Arts.” It wasn’t enough for a bout to be well-choreographed and well-animated if it could have been done as well or […]

Cool Stuff: Red Dragon

Today’s Cool Stuff was created by Mike Kelly and features what I like to call 100% unadulterated awesomeness. It’s a flipbook animation of a fight sequence featuring Bruce Lee titled, Red Dragon. The animation, which was was not rotoscoped, is nice and fluid. His Bruce Lee moves like Bruce Lee. The key poses are dynamic. The choices of shots clearly […]

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