Persona 4: The Animation - "Would you love me?" Episode 5 Recap

by RockmanDashon November 21, 2011
“While waiting for Yukiko too recover, Chie makes Yu help out with the basketball club. Yu meets the team’s manager, Ai, who forces him into an unexpected relationship.” While waiting for Yukiko to recover, Chie forces Yu to help out the basketball club. Yu meets Kou Ichijo, one of the team’s players and Daisuke , […]

Persona 4: The Animation - "Somewhere not here" Episode 4 Recap

by RockmanDashon November 21, 2011
“Yu and the gang return to the Midnight Channel to resume their search for Yukiko. It’s a race against time as they now must rescue Yukiko before she is consumed by her shadow.” Yu and the gang return to the Midnight Channel to resume their search for Yukiko. They come across a castle and Yukiko’s […]

MLP: Friendship is Magic "May the Best Pet Win!" Recap

by SammyTon November 20, 2011
Rainbow Dash gets jealous when she learns that her friends gather once a week to hang out with their pets, and decides to get a pet of her own. However there are too many great choices so Rainbow Dash holds a competition to see who will get to be her pet. I love the premise […]

ThunderCats (2011) - "Into the Astral Plane" Recap

by RockmanDashon November 20, 2011
“The Thundercats return to the Elephant Village to retrieve the next stone; only to find it surrounded by Mumma-Ra’s army. To make matters worse, Lion-O and Tygra’s conflict with one another begins to grow bigger..” Now that Lion-O has grasped the sight beyond sight ability, the Thundercats travel back to the Elephant’s village to retrieve […]

Transformers Prime - "Convoy" Recap

by Neo Yion November 20, 2011
“The Autobots volunteer to transport a Government-owned nuclear device. Complications arise when they face both the Decepticons and a new threat by the name of Silas.” On paper, “Convoy” sounds enticing. The Autobots risk their lives to safely deliver a powerful nuclear device capable of radiating at a tremendous range. Other than keeping it from […]

Young Justice - "Secrets" Recap

by Todd DuBoison November 19, 2011
On Halloween, Artemis and Zatanna go to Manhattan for a night on the town, only to be hunted by Harm, a psycho in training who is hiding a deadly secret… Well, that was creepy. It’s Halloween and most of the team plus Zatanna gathers at the cave to head to a party in Happy Harbor. […]

Persona 4: The Animation - "You're Myself, I'm Yourself" Episode 1 Recap

by RockmanDashon November 18, 2011
“Enter Yu Narukami, a boy who recently has moved into the rural country town of Inaba with his Uncle Dojima and his younger cousin, Nanako. He begins to have strange dreams involving a man with a pointy nose named “Igor” who foresees Yu solving a great mystery. Yu soon learns that living in this small […]

Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing - "Touch and Move" Recap

by Todd DuBoison November 18, 2011
Millia is dumbfounded to find that Fam made an agreement with Silvius’ captain, Tatiana, to seize 15 of Ades Federation’s ships in exchange for their freedom. A short while after the end of “Dubious Move” last time, Princess Millia reveals her identity to the Silvius‘ Captain Tatiana, but she’s disinterested and informs her of the […]