What a Waste: Adult Swim's Move to Primetime

Adult Swim is coming to primetime. As explained in typical Adult Swim fashion, the pseudo-network for adults is taking up seven more hours of what used to be Cartoon Network’s 9pm primetime slot. So if more good is good, why does the whole move seem like a such a depressing shame to everyone involved? You’ve […]

Cool Stuff: Alexis Wanneroy - Character Animation Reel

Are you up for watching an animation reel? I sure am! Today we’ll be looking at the work of character animator, Alexis Wanneroy. He graduated Gobelins in 2003 and is currently  working on Dreamworks’ Guardians. Wanneroy’s largely impressive filmography includes credits on Valiant (2005), Flushed Away (2006), Bee Movie (2007), Kung Fu Panda (2008), Madagascar: Escape 2 […]

It's Not All That Bad

Despite what others think, the sky is not falling, the world is not turning upside down, cats are not chasing dogs, and the fabric of reality is not in tatters. Someone somewhere got paid by some company to produce a cartoon about some product. That company would be Hasbro, and that cartoon would be the […]

toonzone attends MCM Expo London 2010

Long had I heard the glorious legends from across the globe, tales of historic meetings between masses of fans, encounters with mighty creators and the plundering of loot that made wallets weep. These incredible adventures finally stirred my heart to the point where I thought I should – nay, must! – attend one of these […]

Cool Stuff: Le Royaume

Le Royaume (The King and the Beaver) is yet another gorgeously animated short from Gobelins that will have you wondering exactly how in the hell any group of people could be allowed to be that talented. In the short, a king presents a beaver with an axe so that so that it might build his majesty […]

Cool Stuff: Un tour de Manège

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Un tour de Manège is a beautiful short, full of fluid, luscious color that dances about your screen. In it, a young girl plays on a floating merry-go-round, when suddenly a wind causes the carousel to drift away the from the dock to which it was connected, separating the girl from her mother. The entire […]

NYCC2010 NYAF2010: Day 3 Impressions

The third and final day of New York Comic Con had a relatively light schedule in terms of events to attend. However, with the North American premiere of the film Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer, it was not truly a light day in any other respect. Press Conference with Mardock Scramble author Tow […]

NYCC2010 NYAF2010: Day 2 Impressions

Day 2 at New York Comic Con was much more eventful and lively than Day 1. As the weekend had officially kicked off, the crowds were large and dense, especially in the artist alleys and showrooms. Lines for highly-anticipated panels such as Durarara!! and Young Justice wound far into the distance of the Javits Center […]

NYCC2010 NYAF2010: Day 1 Impressions

Friday was, unfortunately, fairly uneventful. From walking the floors of the show room to attending FUNimation’s sneak peek, very little actually happened. As a first-time con-goer, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, though what I got definitely wasn’t whatever that might have been. FUNimation Sneak Peek: The FUNimation sneak peak started late as there was […]

Fall 2010 Anime Preview

Autumn has arrived and October is here, and that means a large new crop of Japanese animation coming out on the other side of the Pacific as many longer Spring 2010 series and shorter Summer series come to an end. Once again I am joined by Nick Hobbs (you may remember him as Lelouch!), and […]

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