Cool Stuff: Round 6 - The Last Round

Round 6 is a 3D animated short by Snowball Studios. In short, it’s a cinematic trailer for a video game that doesn’t exist: Fragball. Say hello to Snap. Snap is after a detonation device that looks suspiciously similar to a football. Does he frag or get fragged? Well, there’s one way to find out….. (via […]

Cool Stuff: Skhizein

text video http://itismonday.com/2009/10/skhizein/ (via @ehsankhoshrou on twitter)

Cool Stuff: Jona/Tomberry

Today we feature the animated short Jona/Tomberry by Rosto, a Dutch filmmaker and creator of Studio Rosto A.D. in Amsterdam. It is one of three short films that tell part of the story of Mind My Gap, which is described as an online graphic novel. Its website is here; the website for Jona/Tomberry itself is […]

Cool Stuff: Jo Jo in the Stars

Directed and written by Marc Craste, Jo Jo in the Stars is officially described as “…a 12 minute story of love, self-sacrifice, and jealousy played out against a black and white world that is both nightmarish and hauntingly beautiful.” Indeed. I’d say that the mark of great execution is when you can’t imagine a different […]

The Censorship of South Park and Our Culture's Courage

  I am of course confident that I will fulfill my tasks as a writer in all circumstances—from my grave even more successfully and more irrefutably than in my lifetime. No one can bar the road to truth, and to advance its cause I am prepared to accept even death. But may it be that […]

Hidden Treasures: Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest

Azur & Asmar: The Princes’ Quest is one of the most beautiful animated films I have ever seen. This is not surprising – it comes from Michel Ocelot, who’s 1999 film Kirikou & the Sorceress was also stunning. The difference between the two films, and the aspect that ultimately makes Azur & Asmar aesthetically superior, […]

Toonzone at the Cartoon Network 2010 Upfront: Brief Impressions

Don’t forget to check out our coverage of the 2010 Cartoon Network Upfront. The structure of a network upfront interests me. Particularly, the transition over the years from a series of number-focused presentations to getting attendees excited about the line-ups and how the presented shows and movies align with their own goals. Presentations that focus […]

Cool Stuff: Look Around

In Look Around, local villagers gather to slay a monster. One warrior becomes so consumed with training towards this goal that he ignores all else in life. This delightful short was written, directed and animated by Lee kyu-tae while attending the Korea National University of Arts, Department of Animation in 2008. Lee kyu-tae’s characters have a […]

Anime Boston 2010: How to Get Down with Over 17,000 of Your Closest Friends

Yep, Anime Boston broke the 17,000 person barrier this year, racking up 17,293 attendees in the Hynes total.  That is the warm body count, not the paid attendee count, so that includes all the staff and press and dealers and whatnot, but the paid count was still somewhere over 16,000. That’s enough people to just […]

Anime Boston 2010: Day 2 - Seized

The first part of Saturday was surprisingly quiet.  It seems they decided to give everyone some time to recover, or just plain pass out, before starting up the big stuff.  There were a couple of nice little panels about the convention experience and a few rounds of the various game shows made up the bulk […]

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