Fate/Zero - "Rin's Adventure" Episode 10 Recap

Episode ten of Fate/Zero takes a break from the main characters of the fourth Holy Grail War to explore a side story involving the young Rin Tohsaka, a leading character in the prior Fate/Stay Night series that takes place later. Young Rin is an aspiring mage who is just starting to learn how to control […]

Adventure Time - "Holly Jolly Secrets" Recap

In a special two-part holiday episode, Jake digs up a box of secret VHS tapes belonging to the Ice King. Finn, Jake, and Beemo spend the day indoors digging through the tapes, searching for the reason why the Ice King would want them buried. As the King realizes his incriminating videos have been unearthed, he […]

Guilty Crown - temptation (Round Dance) - Episode 7 Recap

Thanks to Segai destroying Shu’s records, Shu is able to return to school with Inori. He is first met with accusations of being a criminal but Arisa Kuhouin, the charming and charismatic student council president, steps in and tells the students to leave Shu alone. Arisa is actually the heir to the Kuhouin Group, a […]

The Amazing World Of Gumball - "The Club" Recap

“Gumball is distraught when every member of his family belongs to a club except for him, but while attempting to find a club to join, he rejects an invitation from the Rejects Club and insults them. Now, they want to get even with him.” I have often requested more time for the various members of […]

MLP: Friendship is Magic "Sweet and Elite" Recap

“While visiting Canterlot to buy supplies, Rarity gains a reputation as a very important pony. To keep her upperclass status she begins to lie and soon has to choose between her friends and her new status.” “Sweet and Elite” is the perfect example of what to typically expect from this show. It has excellent characters, […]

Transformers Prime - "Speed Metal" Recap

“Jack is in hot water when he agrees to an illegal drag race, one that the Decepticon Knockout decides to interfere with.” It begins in the dead of night. A fancy European car silently approaches the upcoming illegal drag race. His sleek cherry design incurs the wrath of a fellow racer. The human proceeds to […]

Toy Story: Toonzone Reviews Jazwares "Adventure Time," "Fanboy & Chum Chum," & Poptropica Toys

The friendly folks at Jazwares sent over a few samples of recent toys from their Adventure Time, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and Poptropica lines for our review. Which ones deserve to be on your Christmas shopping lists, and which ones get a lump of coal? Click any thumbnail image for a larger version. ADVENTURE TIME: […]

Thundercats (2011) - "Journey to the Tower of Omens" Recap

“The Thundercats discover the entrance to the Tower of Omens that contains Book of Omens. Its a race against time as the group must pass all the traps ahead of them before Mumm-Ra gets to the book first…’ Lion-O begins to practice with the Sword of Omens and struggles with mastering his Sight Beyond Sight […]

The Looney Tunes Show - "Fish and Visitors" Recap

“After having his solar powered electricity shut down at his home, Yosemite Sam decides to depend on Bugs and Daffy to the point that it drives them both insane.” This is the very episode that introduces Yosemite Sam into this show and it ends up doing a pretty good job. Sam ends up having a […]

Persona 4: The Animation - "No one sees the real me" Episode 9 Recap

“Local pop star, Rise Kujikawa moves to Inaba to escape the pressures of fame. With fame being a common thread amongst those linked to the murders, Yu and the gang suspect there is a very strong chance that she might be the next target.” The superstar Rise Kujikawa takes a break from her career and […]

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